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Put that down. Don’t touch that. Stop scoffing those. The early days of pregnancy can feel rather like a long list of things you aren’t allowed to eat, drink or do. And we’re afraid you’re pretty much stuck with the list of contraband items until after the birth. But let us at least spin it for you. There is some good news. 

During pregnancy, you are absolutely forbidden from clearing out the cat litter, so that delightful job is your partner’s for the foreseeable future. Tell them it’s good practice for nappies. Gardening could also be a risky business, what with all those chemicals in weed killer and potential for bacteria in the soil. 

Alcohol is not advised - in fact, best stay away from the bar altogether in case you’re tempted. You can keep the seats warm while someone else fetches your virgin cocktails. Just try to remember, in the grand parenting scheme of things, nine months really isn't that long to go without something --even if it may feel like forever at times--.

Let’s keep it simple:

  • Smoke or take drugs

  • Dye hair with caution
  • Get a well-fitting bra
  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Know which foods to avoid

Best avoided
  • Alcohol
  • Dental X-rays
  • Cleaning cat litter
  • Everyday chemicals

OK in moderation
  • Caffeine

It is well nigh impossible trying to keep up with the list of ALL the things that PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD NOT DO! One minute you are trying to sort the old wives’ tale from hard-nosed medical fact, then the next, oops! you realise you’ve overdosed on tuna again. 

So, before you lock yourself away like an oversized Rapunzel for the next nine months, remember that unborn babies are remarkably tenacious - they must be, or the human race would have long since dwindled towards extinction. Think about all those pregnant women in France nibbling away on brie, or those in Japan, who are merrily tucking into sushi by the boatload. 

Often, common sense is the best yardstick.
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No one’s forcing you to avoid certain things, they are just informing you and leaving you to make your own decision. Personally, I’d much rather have the information. It’s only nine months of your life after all!
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I coloured my hair all through my pregnancies. There might be a tiny chemical risk, but I always figured that my unborn child was more at risk if he came out to find a mad, dishevelled mother.
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My view while I was pregnant was to eat and drink what I liked in moderation, as I figured that's what people have done since the beginning of time and before we had doctors who told us what we couldn't do.
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