Yoga to avoid shrinking in old age?

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SelkieBeag Sat 10-Apr-21 13:17:35

Just found this board. Any personal experiences?

Anybody know any older yogis who have not shrunk? Or is it to do with your bones not your muscles?

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WhatILoved Mon 12-Apr-21 05:03:01

My grandmother was a a yoga teacher for over 40 years. She practiced and taught daily. By the time she died she was definitely shorter, however she suffered from osteoporosis.

ZaraW Mon 12-Apr-21 13:36:15,serious%20issues%20such%20as%20osteoporosis.

#3 discusses this.

SelkieBeag Mon 12-Apr-21 15:38:41

Thanks, need to make sure I don't get osteoporosis as well

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