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LadyAgripina Tue 02-Mar-21 16:56:13

I find Adrienne very helpful! But I don't manage to flow and do sequences. I think it's my personality, and I don't try anymore. I just do every pose individually. It there is a any app to learn, I would be happy.

lazylinguist Sun 21-Feb-21 14:39:04

I don't know, but watching with interest! It would be really useful to have an app or site like that. I've only recently started doing my own yoga routine instead of following videos. I do a vinyasa type sequence which is probably quite similar to sequences I've seen in various videos. I'm happy with it for now, but I can see myself wanting to adapt it as time goes on.

GrannyWeatherwaxsHatpin Sun 21-Feb-21 14:33:39

I’ve done yoga on and off for about 15/20 years, having started off at gym classes then switched to Pilates for a number of years, then went back to yoga at home after a car accident in order to regain full mobility. Restarted a gym membership but realised I prefer doing yoga at home at my own speed (and with twinkly music, candles and incense!)

I found a few basic sequences through apps etc but I don’t know how to progress what I’m doing so I generally end up picking poses out of a yoga poses book that roughly correspond with:

A flowing practice (sun salutations)
A standing pose
A standing side bend
A standing forward bend
A standing balance
A seated forward bend
A seated abdominal strengthener
A seated inversion
A backbend
A twist
Relaxation and meditation

I’m planning on finding a private yoga teacher once lockdown lifts but in the meantime are there any good websites that help with building and developing sequences?

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