Most practical book for yoga

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ZaraW Sat 13-Feb-21 14:21:38

Yoga Journal online has sequences which are useful.

nicecoldwinterday Sat 13-Feb-21 13:08:21

@LunaHeather - I have just commented on your other thread too.

This is a book I started using before I began teaching, and I still come back to it quite often:

It includes some of the breathing and cleansing practices, which you'd find interesting, as well as information about the spiritual elements like the chakras (energy centres).

LunaHeather Fri 29-Jan-21 14:26:00

Hopeful bump

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LunaHeather Fri 29-Jan-21 11:22:41

I wondered if anyone had any recommendations for the above

I am most interested in the practical benefits of poses and sequences

I have done plenty of yoga but I have a terrible memory and would like an easy reference guide for the above.

I would be grateful for suggestions, thank you.

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