I’m thinking about trying out yoga.

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TiredUselessHopeless Sun 24-Jan-21 08:07:30

Just tell me everything, tell me why you like it, and how much it’s done for you?

I have been pondering doing this for a while now. I have currently got as far as buying a mat!

I am 42. I have become as stiff as a plank! I don’t yet ache so I want to do something to help ease things up as I hurtle towards 50! I quite like the idea of it being a bit zen too. I think I definitely need more of that in my life. I’m actually a creative, so I think it might help with that aspect as well as the physical.

Is yoga for me? What’re do I start? Have any of you started from feeling like stiff old ladies into being bendier than you were in your 20s? I would happily pay for classes if I try it and feel that it was something I connected with. I’m just a bit dubious on where to start as it’s something I know absolutely nothing about!

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rwalker Sun 24-Jan-21 08:11:55

Load of free online stuff at moment get on line and look and practice the moves first .

ReviewingTheSituation Sun 24-Jan-21 08:13:49

I've dabbled in yoga over the past 10+ years, with a number of teachers and in a number of styles. I've come to the conclusion that you have to practise very consistently, over some time, to see a noticeable difference in your flexibility. In other words, don't expect immediate results.

I've been doing 30 days of Yoga with Adriene on YouTube (the first one, from 2015), and I think it's really good. It would be a great place to start. She may have some Yoga for Beginners sessions which would be good to explain the basic poses.

Expect to feel muscles you didn't know you had when you first start!

Tomcullenisahero Sun 24-Jan-21 08:24:38

I too have started yoga with Adrienne, her 30 day program and I'm loving it. I signed up to it (free of charge) so I get her new, daily video sent via email but it is on YouTube so anyone can view it.
I have never tried Yoga before and I love it! I used to be really fit until about 18 months ago and now don't exercise really at all. I feel like my anxiety has reduced and my neck and back aches from sitting at a desk has eased a lot. I really recommend her videos.

Chocolatecake29 Sun 24-Jan-21 08:31:41

I love yoga. I've dabbled on and off over the years but have been fairly consistent over the last year as I needed some hobbies after my youngest was born. We've had a difficult year (not just because of Covid) and it's been a wonderful outlet which has helped my anxiety and depression quite considerably.

I'll be honest - I don't get the fuss with Yoga with Adrienne. She seems like a lovely person but I can't get into her videos at all. Personally, I use YogaTX of YouTube and Tara Lee DVDs.

I definitely notice a difference if I don't do yoga for several days, mentally and physically. Give it a go. Have a look at beginners and the How To videos to get started first

I came across Yoga with Leah (I think it's called that, I'll double check) and they seem like a good starting place though I've not actually done any yet, only had a quick flick through.

Onlinedilema Sun 24-Jan-21 08:40:14

I've started doing yoga again. Several years ago I was very fit and active and considerably thinner and more flexible. I started again because I am starting to get aches and pains. I just use the Nike app and chose a class from there. I realised how much unforgettable and inflexible I was straight away. However I am improving. I agree that you won't suddenly be able to do amazing things with your body it will take a lot of time. I do find it helps with anxiety and allows me to relax. This app doesn't have a lot of the deep relaxation technique I have previously done with group classes though.

Onlinedilema Sun 24-Jan-21 08:41:16


KizzyWayfarer Sun 24-Jan-21 08:42:14

I started this autumn as a complete beginner using the Yoga with Adrienne YouTube videos and recommend it. I’m about your age and not particularly stiff but working from home made me feel a bit like a ’hunched goblin’ as someone described it on another thread.
I’ve done a pick and mix approach, not following one of the 30 day plans. If you go on her YouTube home page there’s a list of beginners videos, and under ‘playlists’ there’s a collection of short ones. The comments under each video can be useful for working out if it’s gentle and relaxing or hardcore and sweaty, if the title is a bit cryptic.

TiredUselessHopeless Sun 24-Jan-21 08:50:08

I’m happy for slow progress! I think sometimes slower progress makes things easier to maintain and stick with.

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ButwhereisMYcoffee Sun 24-Jan-21 09:03:29

Just be careful of overdoing it if you are stiff as a plank - Adrienne ideal as not too extreme. You can really, really injure yourself by pushing too hard at yoga without a proper lead into it, especially things like sacro iliac joint. I love yoga and Pilates with katja - a great stretchy work out, very calm and measured, but also controlled.

squashyhat Sun 24-Jan-21 09:08:52

I've been doing a weekly class for 3 years or so. I would definitely recommend face-to-face (currently Zoom) with a teacher you know and trust. You can alert them to any problems you have and they can tailor the moves for you or offer alternatives. I am definitely bendier and feel stronger in my core and my balance has improved. Also the mental health benefits are great - taking time out to listen to your body and nurture it is really important.

Iamblossom Sun 24-Jan-21 09:13:55

I do yoga most days now. It forces me time and a slow down as you have to concentrate on your breathing. I don't usually bother with the shivasna at the end (lying completely still for a minute or more).

It helps me massively with my tight quads, hips and lower back from running. I feel "opened up" physically afterwards.

I did Adriene twice through, and now I pick a 30 minute Sarah Beth one each day from you tube, completely free. Really like her as she doesn't talk much 😁

Iamblossom Sun 24-Jan-21 09:15:26

I'm 45 if that has a bearing. There really is no down side to it.

More men should do it, I look at how unflexible my dad and husband are and am 100% sure they would benefit from yoga.

Frouby Sun 24-Jan-21 09:15:48

I'm 43 and did my first yoga session on Friday, the 30 day with adrienne from 6 years ago. Reasons are similar to you, but will add in fat as well. Am as stiff as a bloody board, probably not helped by doing a 30 minute davina class the day before.

I really enjoyed it, despite not being at all bendy or flexible. I did c25k in the first lockdown, stopped running mid November as life just got in the way plus I can't run in the cold without it kicking my asthma off. But have started big walks again, it gets milder mid week so will start c25k again and will yoga days I don't walk or run. I twanged my knees and tummy muscles and calves doing the aerobics so think am too fat and unfit for it just now.

Iamblossom Sun 24-Jan-21 09:16:17

And even 10 minutes a day is better than 1 hour a week...

gerbo Sun 24-Jan-21 09:21:54

I started in January with Adrienne's 'Breath' on YouTube and it's brilliant.

I'm 43 and pretty active at work, I walk a lot, but completely inflexible.

I'm loving it. The first session was 45 mins, but since then they've varied between 18 and 32 mins. I squeeze them in in the afternoons or while dinner cooks, in my kitchen (!), have bought a mat too.

I enjoy the controlled slow burn, the fluid movements. I get warm and occasionally break a small sweat! Afterwards I feel loose, opened up as a pp said. Tension in my shoulders and neck feels better every day after a session, and I can feel strength building in my (weak) arms snd shoulders already, 22 days in.

I'd go for it. I force myself some days, as I'm busy with my job and 2dc homeschooling too- but it's 100% worth it.

Candleabra Sun 24-Jan-21 09:24:10

I've been doing yoga for a couple of years and I love it. It calms me down, and I'm in better shape than before, my arms are really toned now. I was never very flexible so it's helped a bit, but we have to be realistic!
Don't expect too much too soon. I'm ok at yoga now, but even intermediate classes are a bit much. Sometimes you're not in the mood and that's fine. Even doing something is better than nothing. So don't be disheartened if you end up in a heap on the floor trying to do some of the poses. My yoga teacher says: leave your ego at the door - yoga is a personal journey.
Good luck!

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