Which mat? Liforme, Jade, Yogi-Bare?

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movingtooslo Sat 12-Dec-20 14:08:33

OH has offered to buy me a decent yoga mat for Christmas, after years of cheap mats.

Most important thing for me is probably "grippiness". I know Manduka mats get a great reputation, but I remember slipping on the ones I've used in yoga studios (and they're presumably well worn in). So I think I want to go for a rubber mat.

Liforme seem to get amazing reviews, but I feel slightly uncomfortable getting such an expensive mat! I've done yoga for years (mostly Vinyasa / Hatha), and try to squeeze in at least a short practice most days. But I'm definitely of middling ability, and a £100ish mat seems out of kilter with my approach to yoga.

I've also been looking at Jade and Yogi-Bare rubber mats, which are a little cheaper, and seem to get reasonable reviews.

Any views on which mat to go far? Is the Liforme mat worth it? Or are Jade and Yogi-Bare mats pretty much just as good?

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letsmakethetea Sat 12-Dec-20 14:14:20

I bought this Jade mat at the start of lockdown after years of 'cheap' mats and it's incredible! I wanted a highly grippy mat on which I could do a strong downwards facing dog without having to stop my hands slipping. It's so good, I'm really pleased to be able to recommend it to someone! At first it had a bit of a funny smell/coating but it seems like that's normal for a rubber mat, and it wore off.


movingtooslo Sat 12-Dec-20 14:35:21

Thanks @letsmakethetea . Great to hear that. The smell doesn't bother me so much. Just want to make sure I don't kick myself for not getting the Liforme. Sounds like you definitely get on with the Jade mat!

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YoginiinDevon Mon 14-Dec-20 02:03:00

They all over good grip. Liforme is beautiful, hygienic and very grippy, but expensive and not as durable as Manduka. On the market there are few similar mats to Liforme with the same grip and durability- Phantai is my favourite of these. I’d give them both 10/10 on grip, hygiene and design, 8/10 on durability.
Jade is even more grippy but if you practice a stronger, sweatier flow, you’ll notice it’s much harder to clean (open-cell technology) and also mine had holes after 8 months of daily use...
All the best!

ZaraW Mon 14-Dec-20 14:00:46

I have a Scoria Cork mat. It's got really good grip and is 4mm thick so is comfortable to use

movingtooslo Tue 15-Dec-20 18:52:20

@YogainiinDevon - that's really helpful. Hadn't heard of Phatai before - will take a look.

ZaraW - intrigued by the cork mat. I've never used one before!

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WhatILoved Wed 16-Dec-20 05:38:59

Have to say I love my Liforme mats! Good investment

GrimDamnFanjo Thu 17-Dec-20 18:41:56

I grabbed a perfect Liforme Amazon Warehouse return for £70. I really like it.

doadeer Fri 18-Dec-20 21:10:24

I have phantai I love it. I am quite sweaty and zero slip. It's quite heavy so be sure to get a strap for your back if you are taking it out

VallarMorghulis Fri 18-Dec-20 21:21:58


I have a Scoria Cork mat. It's got really good grip and is 4mm thick so is comfortable to use

I really like this one. My knees hurt quite a bit in poses like corkscrew, on a cheap mat, if I don't use some kind of padding. This looks way better. Off to google! smile

ZaraW Sat 19-Dec-20 05:16:36

It's really comfortable. It's the main reason I got it was for the rubber and thickness. It's the best yoga mat I've had.

cungryhow Tue 05-Jan-21 19:05:37

Just had a yogi bear mat for my birthday and it’s great, super grip, perfect thickness and surprisingly heavy. No smell. Time will tell how it wears. I’ve only had really cheap ones previously so unfortunately not much to compare it to!

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