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Sunshine3013 Fri 26-Feb-21 17:42:04

lovingyoga Mon 16-Nov-20 15:49:52

These classes are great! Highly recommended

doadeer Fri 06-Nov-20 17:35:43

Jasmine Yoga are lovely classes ❤️ book now page for Zoom!

GrimDamnFanjo Fri 06-Nov-20 00:46:05

Donna Noble - I do two classes a week - a beginners and yin yoga. She also does yoga wheel online workshops which are a lot of fun!

Hantie Thu 05-Nov-20 17:57:54

Triyoga have put loads of their classes online, almost too many to choose from!*&from=05-11-2020&to=11-11-2020&time=*&with=*&level=*&what=*&search=true

JYogi Thu 05-Nov-20 17:53:49

Hi there, I've got really into online yoga over the past 8 months and always go for the live online classes if possible (even though there is more of a cost). I was lucky that my local studio took their classes online (the house of yoga), so I've used them a lot, but recently I've tried out a new teacher I was recommended by a friend to mix things up a bit. She does her own online classes for Power yoga, slow flow and beginner's yoga, and I always feel challenged and strong in her classes, and her voice is so soothing! She's on instagram @emma_w_yoga, so maybe have a look there.

I'm sure there will be others too though - I'm looking forward to hearing what others can suggest here too!

Superspecs Tue 03-Nov-20 07:29:26

Hi all, can anyone recommend a live online class via zoom or similar? I enjoy yoga with Adrienne but feel more accountable when there is something I have to show up for. I'm going to miss the yoga studio being open.

Alternatively any other suggestions to stay accountable welcome! I'd like to practice twice a week.


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