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Lazyi Tue 20-Oct-20 21:12:33

Hello, I practice yoga daily and am now quite advanced. Can anyone recommend teachers or programs to get more advanced? Also anywhere to discuss yoga? I am more into the active element than the ommm element. TIA!

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KSamG Wed 21-Oct-20 07:31:39

An advanced practice is that when we attain the flexibility of our physical body and breath control with asana & pranayama. We have to proceed further on bandhas & mudras, and practice on selective combinations.

MilkshakeandFries Wed 21-Oct-20 07:43:21

Check out Cat Meffan, Chris Magee, Talia Sutra and Jared McCann.

Lazyi Wed 21-Oct-20 16:58:28


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yogatutor1 Wed 21-Oct-20 17:20:36

I am assuming you mean advanced āsana practice. Try reading Roots of Yoga By James Mallinson. You will discover the evolution of yoga, including āsana, he is also a very accomplished postural practitioner.
Alternatively try
The above course is the most detailed and 'advanced' yoga course anywhere...lots of yoga discussion here. The PYS gives us a framework in Ch 2 with the 8 limbs of yoga. After Yama and Niyama, āsana is next; so no 3 in the level of attainment of reaching yoga or moksha.This highlights that āsana were only practiced as a route to the more advanced practices. If you are looking for strong postures and fitness yoga there are plenty of yoga studios are offering zoom classes. Triyoga is pretty good for physical practice. You might like someone like Kino McGreggor. Alternatively ashtanga vinyasa with a recognised teacher. Sharath Jois is very accomplished (Grandson of Patthabi)
Have fun researching, hope you find the right teacher for you.

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