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TooMinty Fri 24-Jul-20 08:51:27

Looking for light/medium support bra for yoga and hiit. I am size 6-8, size 28DD - prefer a bit of padding to give me shape! I was looking at Sweaty Betty but they are very expensive, however will shell out if people love them as I have their leggings/vest and really rare them. Do I need XS?

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dementedpixie Fri 24-Jul-20 09:07:19

Look on boobydoo website

TooMinty Fri 24-Jul-20 15:40:40

Ooh, haven't heard of that one, will check out now - thanks!

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dementedpixie Fri 24-Jul-20 15:42:39

Use code FRESHLOOK to get 15% off just now

jeff1965 Fri 24-Jul-20 15:48:06

I have this one, although might be too supportive if you are looking for light/medium support. I used a 30% off code which made it more affordable

TooMinty Fri 24-Jul-20 17:40:26

Thanks both!

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beckycraig Fri 02-Oct-20 13:27:36

Have you check spanx sports bra? If not then checkout it out here

I am sure you won't regret it buying.

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