Easy yoga at home with 10 year old DD

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Monr0e Fri 19-Jun-20 09:44:15

Hello, can anyone recommend any easy beginner yoga videos we could do together at home?

I'm a very unfit 40 something with reduced mobility in my right hip. DD is 10 and is feeling really low and sad at the minute. I was thinking maybe doing something regular together few times a week might help us both in some way. Nothing too long or too strenuous. DD is prone to being overly dramatic at times and I'd like to hopefully help her calm her mind and thoughts a little bit and also maybe help lift her mood. Thank you

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OhioOhioOhio Fri 19-Jun-20 09:45:02

Everyone says Adrienne. Not so keen myself.

Quackersandcheese3 Fri 19-Jun-20 09:45:23

Cosmic kids yoga on you tube.

Monr0e Fri 19-Jun-20 09:53:44

Thanks for the recommendations

I agree, Adrienne is not ideal for DD, although I don't mind her.

I've had a quick look at cosmic kids, looks great but seems aimed at younger kids? I dont think DD would enjoy doing it.

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chartreuse Fri 19-Jun-20 10:02:33

Adrienne is lovely and she has yoga for so many different levels/circumstances.

Sorry to hear your dd is feeling down, life is so difficult now, especially for her age group. Not yoga, but when my dd was around that age we started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix together, it's about a mother and daughter in a very picturesque little town and it was fun to watch something everyday after dinner. It took us a couple of years to get through it all, it was a lovely bonding time. Years later, If she's having a bad day, we'll sit down for a favourite episode together!

CountFosco Fri 19-Jun-20 10:07:43

There really is a gap for someone to do yoga for this age online. Some of Adrienne's stuff is suitable but DD2 (10) says it's 'boring'. She finds Cosmic Kids babyish but DS (7) still loves it.

Monr0e Fri 19-Jun-20 10:09:47

chartreuse, thank you 💐

She has had a difficult year all round (bereavement, friendship issues) and now she is struggling with missing friends, missing school and having had all her birthday celebrations (and gift activities) cancelled.

She can be prone to overthinking and she is also missing me as while she is stuck home I have still been working full time.

I'll check out some of Adrienne's shorter videos with her. And also some Gilmore girls! I've never seen it either so something else we can do together.

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CountFosco Fri 19-Jun-20 17:27:02

The nice thing about them growing up is being able to watch things we all enjoy together in the evening. Big hits here with my 10 and 12yo DDs are: Glee, Doctor Who, Ghosts, The Play that Went Wrong. We also like history, things like the 'Back in Time for...' series and they both love Lucy Worsley.

ZaraW Mon 06-Jul-20 15:11:20

Carling Harps children's yoga on You Tube.

OhioOhioOhio Tue 21-Jul-20 15:43:44

I might try this too.

Beatricemom89 Mon 27-Jul-20 10:11:56

I like SarahBethYoga. When you are 10 you want to be an adult in everything. Don't think that she will like any children's channel. You just need to look for beginners' level training.

BrokenBrit Mon 27-Jul-20 10:15:38

Adrienne, and others, do a yoga for teens.
May be more interesting than adult beginners, while also being appealing and ‘grown hp’ for DD.

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