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Clothes for hot yoga

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imaflutteringkite Sat 28-Sep-19 16:34:32

Please can anyone recommend where to buy clothes for hot yoga. I need tops that will keep me cool but also offer support. I've some normal gym leggings, are these ok for hot yoga or do I need new leggings too? Thanks.

Usernamealreadyexists Sun 29-Sep-19 14:06:54

I wear normal gym leggings and top - never felt the need to but specialist clothing. I go 3 times a week. Some women wear shorts.

playitsam Fri 04-Oct-19 16:45:06

I'm never cool in hot yoga!
Nike dri fit leggings are good but I usually just wear a sports bra sometimes with a cropped vest top and either normal gym leggings or tight shorts. Most things I get from tkmaxx, they do a good selection and I've picked up some "evolution & creation" leggings which are good or I look on ebay for "Onzie" which do nice prints

I have far too many yoga clothes - I've become slightly addicted

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