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Recommend an autogenic YouTube vid please

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Adollop Mon 16-Sep-19 14:02:33

I'd like to try autogenic training to relax and I thought I'd try following a YouTube vid. Can anyone recommend a good one with a pleasant voice? Or an app? Thanks brew flowers

hoodathunkit Tue 17-Sep-19 14:19:10

Autogenic training was one of the "therapies" used on Carol Felstead aka Carol Myers before her mysterious death.

The British Autogenic Society was formed by the notorious quack Vera Diamond and her (illegally) testoterone prescrbing husband Dr. Malcolm Carruthers. Vera Diamond aka Vera Diamond-Caruthers was one of the therapists involved in the abuses against Carol and her family.

You can read about the abuses committed against Carol and her family here

and for the longer version here

Adollop Mon 30-Sep-19 22:39:12

Thanks. I'd still like to try it.

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