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Moving feet from downward dog

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Jamsangwich Sat 27-Jul-19 19:34:54

I'm a relative newbie to yoga and love it but...I cannot for the life of me get my feet from the back of the mat, say in downward dog, to the front, Brit in one move or a gradual "walk". This is with hands on the mat.

Its probably lack of flexibility on my part, and lack of strength too.

I'd be really grateful if anyone could suggest particular poses or exercises to help me build up to gaining this ability. At present I have the grace of a beached walrus.

ZaraW Mon 29-Jul-19 13:21:20

When I first started hopping to the front of the mat I placed blocks where my hands should be. That extra height makes things easier.

Jamsangwich Mon 29-Jul-19 18:33:54

Zara, thank you! I have didn't occur to me to blinking use them!!

ZaraW Mon 29-Jul-19 18:48:52

No problem it really helped me. When you move to hopping to the front of the mat (I'm not very graceful either) it gives you more power and makes it a lot easier.

Jamsangwich Tue 30-Jul-19 08:54:29

You are a star! I tried it, and whilst its still hard, it does help a lot. I now feel like I'll get there eventually xxx

ZaraW Tue 30-Jul-19 16:16:44

You will. After six years I'm still hopping to the front of the mat. I've never managed to float but I think most people in my class are the same.

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