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Has anyone become "taller" from doing yoga?

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Borelis Thu 20-Jun-19 22:40:03

Like gained 0.5-1 inch as some myths suggest, by improving the spine?

DallyFam Fri 21-Jun-19 20:35:06

Have gained height, but as do a lot of stretching and become more aware, have noticed posture improved, making me appear taller lol

Borelis Sat 22-Jun-19 00:26:23

@DallyFam Oh right, how much height did you gain do you think?

DallyFam Sat 22-Jun-19 08:32:32

Half an inch, much the same as you. Went for annual health check at work and they advised me of this so know I'm not making it up lol

Borelis Sat 22-Jun-19 19:25:27

Ah that's interesting to know smile. I actually haven't experienced any height increase as haven't done yoga but heard it was 0.5-1 inch smile

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