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Newbie questions!

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missmartini Thu 20-Jun-19 21:17:15

Hi all hoping to pick your knowledgeable Yoga brains!

I've only just started had my second class on Tuesday and first off....I honestly didn't realise how hard yoga was! My body is a good way I might add...and I feel good after each class.

Right now I can only manage 2 classes a week, how many sessions would you recommend? The rest I would need to do at home which I would find a challenge getting the space and quiet!

For home sessions any recommendations of dvds/ YouTube sessions to follow?

Right now (I know because I've only started) I find it very challenging...I feel quite stressed trying to get in and out of poses and trying to hold them for as long as I can. Any tips for being more in the moment and relaxing into it more? After each class I feel great but during it is a different matter!

What exercise do you do along with yoga? Do you feel there is anything in particular that works well before/ after a yoga class?

Thanks in advance!

Vik89 Fri 21-Jun-19 17:05:03

Two classes a week is fab, go you!
If you want to practice between classes at home you could try SarahBethYoga on you tube. I use her videos as they are only short (10-20mins) and fairly easy for beginners. I manage to practice in the space at the end of my bed which isn't particularly big.

LemonGingerCakes Sun 23-Jun-19 00:07:36

Yoga with Adriene. Free online - she’s soo good.

bamboowarrior Sun 23-Jun-19 17:37:50

Two classes a week sounds amazing - you will soon get into the flow and become familiar with the different postures - moving between them will then become less stressful and even maybe a little bit enjoyable 🧘‍♀️

if you are struggling to hold postures then do come out whenever you need to, it's your body, your practice - be kind to yourself ♥️

A great way of relaxing into the practice is through connecting with your breathing - this also helps to connect with the present moment and de-stress the mind xx I enjoy a gentle ujaii breath which is slightly audible ( not too loud though!) And this really anchors me on my mat, in my body, in the present moment x maybe you could ask your yoga teacher to explain ujaii breath to you or look up online..

Good luck with your yoga journey ♥️♥️♥️

missmartini Sun 23-Jun-19 17:44:26

Thanks everyone.

I am really enjoying it and do feel I'm getting into the flow a bit more...still working on really relaxing into it. Will definitely look up that breathing technique as well to help.

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