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Anyone doing yoga at your own home?

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zchm Fri 07-Jun-19 09:36:34

Long story short, I were doing yoga regularly few years ago, but because of the long commute this year. Have not been able to go back to do yoga even once a week (we go away early on the weekend too quite often for other commitment).
I have been contemplating to do yoga daily at home instead - perhaps only 20mins / day? Found a few apps that provide video and guidance.
Just need some inspiration to kick start.

DonnaDarko Fri 07-Jun-19 09:43:43

Yoga with Adriene is my inspiration. I do her videos on YouTube. I've tried other YouTube yogis but I just keep going back to her. She is amazing

superking Fri 07-Jun-19 09:51:05

I also do yoga with Adriene, I love it. Loads of different videos of different lengths and focus. I have a short attention span when it comes to yoga and find an hour long class just too long. I aim to do 4 sessions a week, some days it might literally just be an 8 minute bedtime wind down, others a 15 minute post-run warm down, sometimes a longer 30 minute flexibility session. It suits me really well as there is always something to fit my mood and motivation level. Plus it's free! And I do quite like Adriene herself, she's perky but not too perky and annoying!

NoBaggyPants Fri 07-Jun-19 09:53:27

Another vote for Adriene! There's a monthly calendar on her website, you don't have to stick to it but it's useful for inspiration.

InflagranteDelicto Fri 07-Jun-19 09:58:46

I've begun trying to do 10 mins a day. Did something to my back last year and was told I need to build my core, so thought this would help. It is, unsurprisingly.

Stuffofawesome Fri 07-Jun-19 10:00:29

Adriene! Alll you need

TheHodgeoftheHedge Fri 07-Jun-19 10:22:45

Another vote for Adriene!

RiversDisguise Fri 07-Jun-19 10:25:37

Adriene, nearly daily, even if just 10 mins. Have improved so much and it's helping my running, too.

zchm Sun 09-Jun-19 07:15:44

thank you all. Trying Adriene first time today. I must say as good as in the class, but better in a point that I can choose whatever time I want to do, length and it's free!!! :-D Probably will try to add in a small run with my dogs on the weekend as well.

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