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Yoga curing backache

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damekindness Tue 07-May-19 15:15:52

Intermittent yoga person here. I've had backache, radiating, feeling stiff for around 2 months mostly managed by paracetamol/Brufen. Had a regular yin yoga class today and by the end the backache is virtually gone and everything feels 'back to normal' - is this some sort of miracle?

Birdyfrom Tue 07-May-19 15:26:03

Yoga has been marvellous for my lower back pain, I do a little at home most days and if I dont within three to four days I stiffen up again. Keep going to your class but at home do some ' cat/ cow' ( you can look up on internet) poses every morning these kind of lubricate your spine, once you have learnt some twists incorporate them too. I never have to take pain killers for my back now.

HelenCurrier Tue 21-May-19 15:28:23

Moving helps stretch and adjust muscles and joints - I've found yoga to be useful as well! I'm also a big believer in physiotherapy for back pain - a physiotherapist can get to the root of the pain rather than me just knocking back the painkillers and ignoring it. I recommend Physio Comes to You if you're interested.

cungryhow Tue 16-Jul-19 10:22:03

Yoga has helped by lower back pain enormously too. Since starting a year ago I no longer wake up in the night with back pain and feel far less stiff. I go to one class a week (1.5 hours) and then do two or three home practices (Yoga with Adrienne) of between 20 minutes and an hour. So pleased with the results I bang on to everyone how much better I feel.

Teddybear45 Tue 16-Jul-19 10:24:33

Not just yoga, walking, lifting and most fully body exercises will help with backpain.

lazylinguist Tue 16-Jul-19 10:27:38

Yoga is great. I had reluctantly given up running for two years, and possibly for good, due to stubborn plantar fasciitis. I now do a 15 minute specific post-run yoga session every time I run - hey presto, no further problems!

Spudlet Tue 16-Jul-19 10:32:14

Yep, yoga really helps my back. Partly by simply mobilising it, I think, but also because it’s strengthened my core generally so my back is more supported.

Yoga with Adriene is great for a gentle home practice - she has lots of videos and they’re all generally pitched at a level that anyone can follow. She’s very good at offering modifications to make things easier or harder, depending on the person practicing.

CoteDAzur Tue 06-Aug-19 20:48:50

Yoga has done wonders for my back, too. A lifetime hunched over books and computers had given me quite the round shoulders and my back used to hurt every evening. After a couple of months of yoga, I was surprised to see that my back had straightened.

daisychain01 Tue 20-Aug-19 13:04:39

@damekindness even more transformational for me, after an 18 month episode of sciatica many years ago, was the mentality of taking my yoga practice off the mat and into my everyday life. I now live and breathe yoga, pain-free, mentally more positive.

Think about how to take what you learn in your yoga class, out there every day, in everything you do, so you move with new awareness.

RockinHippy Tue 20-Aug-19 16:23:29

I have lumbar disc troubles causing sciatica, so bad at times I couldn't stand let alone walk. Yoga like stretching exercises definitely keep it in check

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