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Yoga class expectations?

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keeponkeepinon Sun 07-Jan-18 08:38:09

I am considering joining my local gym. Great offer on at the moment and they do yoga and Pilates classes which is the type of exercise I would enjoy more than cardio.
I'm just a but unsure, I went to a class years ago where the teacher had you getting into pairs and holding each other's leg up in the air like doing splits stood up! I wasn't really comfortable with doing this, I will be doing this for relaxation of the mind as well as exercise so don't want to be stressing about whether I'm being forced to pair up with another person! Is this usual?
Plus, i would want to wear yoga socks. I use them at home (I've just started the true 30 day sequence) and they grip fine, but is this going to be another etiquette thing and I'll be told to take them off?
I really am wondering whether to take up the gym offer or just stay at home and buy some shiva rea dvds. It's as much about getting some 'me time ' as the workout part. Can anyone advise?

jamaisjedors Sun 07-Jan-18 08:41:59

It's difficult to know what will happen, recently in my yoga class we had to do a back massage thing in pairs, which stressed me out a bit, but was nice in the end. Never had anyone comment in my clothes.

The only thing I would worry about is whether they are actually"proper" yoga teachers or gym instructors who have learnt a few yoga moves iyswim?

clarazabel Sun 07-Jan-18 08:51:45

I'd be quite miffed at having to massage or hold a stranger's leg up at yoga but I know these things are expected in some classes. Thankfully my class doesn't do anything like this. You could ring them up and ask them. I'm with you on this, very hard to get in the zone when you are fretting about hurting another person I'd have thought.

Onceuponatimethen Sun 07-Jan-18 08:54:33

I wouldn’t fancy leg holding op!!

If you go to a hatha yoga class I think you could almost guarantee leg holding won’t predominate and it will be calm gentle stretching and moves. Ideally I would want a teacher who is British wheel of yoga trained.

Some teachers would encourage her feet but my teacher actually prefers to wear socks herself sometimes. If you are shy about your feet/feel you need the grip you can just explain to teacher you will be wearing socks and why - they should be supportive.

Onceuponatimethen Sun 07-Jan-18 08:55:00

Her feet??) sorry I mean bare feet

Bonkersblond Sun 07-Jan-18 09:08:36

I’ve recently started yoga and I love it, wish I’d started years ago as not very flexible. I’ve found there are lots of teachers which have a different take on it, I currently attend 3 classes with different teachers, 1 is more traditional Hatha yoga and you pretty much know what you are going to get, a really good yoga workout, 2 is more strenuous hatha yoga/ashtanga I think and more challenging, 3 is for my headspace, teacher spends up to 15 mins talking yoga philosophy which sets me up for week combined with some yoga poses, none of these classes involve being partnered with anyone! Some teachers I haven’t got on with so I don’t go, I’ve managed to filter out the teachers I like as I have think the pick of over 600 types of classes linked to my gym membership, you need to go and see if they suit you.

FusionChefGeoff Sun 07-Jan-18 09:25:09

They are all so different in my experience.

Can you ask to attend a trial lesson before signing up to get a feel for it?

Generally, gym yoga tends to be less of the spiritual / meditation but, again, totally depends on the teacher so you might be lucky!

ZaraW Sun 07-Jan-18 18:48:57

Occasionally our teacher pairs us up in Hatha yoga but it's only for one pretty basic exercise. Apart from that I've only ever had to find a partner in workshops.

Buck3t Sat 27-Jan-18 00:09:38

I'm a yoga teacher and can't stand partner work.

I don't like socks but if a student wants to wear over-priced trampoline socks I'm not going to stop them. They need to be comfortable to enjoy the benefits. So I'm not putting obstacles in their way.

Another thing sometimes you gel with a teacher, sometimes you don't. Sometimes a person walks into my class and I never see them again. I won't (one daywink) take it personally.

I did my foundation with BWY, but their philosophy didn't sit right why me. Plus the politics surrounding certification seems a little disingenuous, holding my thoughts till it plays out. I'm really into Yin at the moment where the bone structure was focussed upon. Im learning more and more about anatomy everyday, whereas another teacher may be more into philosophy. There will be teachers for you.

maryrose1983 Sat 10-Feb-18 14:44:07

There are many different styles of yoga and teaching. I have been to classes where you pair up and others not. It took me a while to find a teacher and style I love, that got me into yoga now I give so much more a go.

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