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Yoga chat, anyone? How is your practice going?

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CoteDAzur Wed 17-May-17 07:19:59

I just got back into yoga after stopping for several months and I'm hurting everywhere would love a chat. How are you all doing, and where are you in your practice?

carrie74 Wed 17-May-17 09:11:25

Hi there

I go to my yoga class once a week, it doesn't subscribe to any particular type of yoga (in fact is called My Kind of Yoga!), and our teacher has a theme each month. Last month we were dragons, this month we're extending the dragons, it's quite sweaty! I'll sometimes try to fit a little practice in at home too, but I'm also trying to get in the odd short run or weights circuits.

Loving yoga, my hamstrings are so tight, it's great when we do some really long stretches and I can feel the effect. I've been yogaing for about 18mths, never thought it'd be for me, but I love it.

user1482079332 Wed 17-May-17 09:20:02

My teacher left and I've never found a class Ienjoy as much. I'm following flow with adee on youtube at the moment and I'm working on front splits. I've actually connected with floor so just need to practice practice practice then It'll be box splits which I last did as a child.

CoteDAzur Wed 17-May-17 09:43:07

"My kind of yoga" sounds interesting smile

I do Vinyasa with a very good, non-woo teacher who focuses on our bodies and breathing. My hamstrings were pretty OK a few months ago but were agonizing yesterday sad Heels used to nearly touch the ground, too, and they were hovering at least 6cms off the ground.

ZaraW Thu 18-May-17 06:25:09

currently working on forearm balance I find it impossible without the wall one day.... we've been doing a lot of arm and standing balanced in class and I'm improving slowly.

SailAwaySailAwaySailAway Thu 18-May-17 06:35:48

I've just returned after a spell in hospital and a long recovery. I had a slow start with a beginner's class once a week then twice and gradially worked up to 2 hot classes this week. The class on Monday nearly killed me but in a good way iyswim.grin
Hefting an extra stone isn't helping either but I'm measuring my recovery by my yoga.

SailAwaySailAwaySailAway Thu 18-May-17 06:36:29


CoteDAzur Thu 18-May-17 22:53:03

Wow, forearm balances are hard. I'm amazed that you can do it by a wall. The one time I tried the forearm stand (just kicking up, mind you), my shoulders hurt so bad that I couldn't sleep for a week shock

ProfessorLayton1 Fri 19-May-17 05:54:56

New to Yoga, doing yoga revolution with Adrienne-love it...
My hamstrings are really really tight but early days yet. Day 10today and it is a surprise to me that I have not missed even a day.Love doing Yoga and never thought it was for me. I find the classes locally not very good
Lot of students and the yoga teacher never corrects anything so can't see the benefit of going to a class.

ZaraW Sun 21-May-17 06:48:56

For forearm balance I did a lot of dolphin, side plank, forearm plank and used my yoga wheel to build shoulder strength and open shoulders I do find it difficult but it doesn't hurt.

ScoobyDoosTinklyLaugh Sun 21-May-17 07:29:49

My practice is not existent at the moment. I'm normally into ashtanga yoga, but my backs dodgy and I felt like it was aggravating it so I've had a two month break. I think my hamstrings were tight but in a way that when I was doing forward bends it was doing something bad to my back.

I've been doing hamstring stretches though lying on my back on the floor where you lift your leg up for a while so hopefully if I take it easy I can start again. Might give it a little whirl today, inspired by this thread!

CoteDAzur Tue 23-May-17 10:21:46

I'm hurting so badly today, after my 2nd yoga lesson on many months shock Summer is here, though, and this is where we have been practicing smile

ScoobyDoosTinklyLaugh Wed 31-May-17 21:46:53

Oooh that looks amazing. You're not in the UK are you!?

I've been doing a few sun salutations everyday for the past week but nothing more exciting.

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