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Beginner advice please

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LIZS Sat 06-May-17 10:48:49

Signed up to try a morning session which claims to be suitable for complete beginners. I have a list of advice but wonder what would constitute a light breakfast (to avoid nausea and tummy rumbles etc) and what type of blanket to take. How will I know my limits? Any other advice please.

SapphireStrange Thu 11-May-17 15:17:14

Personally I prefer not to eat at all before a morning class –if I do, even very lightly, I inevitably feel sick at some point in class.

If you do want to eat then maybe a banana and bit of yoghurt? Although finding what suits you best is probably a matter of trial and error, TBH.

Type of blanket: again personally, I like heavy 'old-fashioned' wool ones rather than soft ones; they're warm for covering you when you lie down to relax at the end, and if you're going to use them as props they fold up neatly and are heavy and stay still underneath you.

Pain/strange sensations are obvious examples of you reaching your limits. Never be afraid to ask in class if anything hurts/twinges/crunches/otherwise feels 'odd'. A good teacher will be able to advise whether it's likely to be just a stretching sensation or something potentially damaging, and to show you modifications to avoid hurting yourself.

One of the good things about yoga is it makes you notice and listen to your body and intuition more; you might find that you start to feel more confident about tuning in to what's going on with your body.

Enjoy! (unless you've been to the class already).

LIZS Sat 13-May-17 17:03:55

Thanks. I went for yoghurt and muesli in the end which seemed ok. Going back again next week. Is it normal to feel stiff a day or two later rather than same day?

CoteDAzur Sun 14-May-17 22:00:31

I have just an egg with melted cheese in the morning before I go to yoga. It's perfect, I find. It satiates without filling the stomach too much.

I don't take a blanket to yoga class. There are always some there at the studio but I haven't seen anyone use them except when I put one under my knees.

CoteDAzur Sun 14-May-17 22:06:05

About how to know your limits (~ not to push yourself too far): I would say think in terms of stretching as far as you can, and then exhale and let go which will stretch your muscles another couple of millimetres. Don't push any further than that. You will go further next time smile

SapphireStrange Mon 15-May-17 16:24:35

Is it normal to feel stiff a day or two later rather than same day?

I always feel stiff two days after yoga, not the same or next day. This goes for my gym classes too. Don't know why!

I hope you enjoyed your class?

HelenaJustina Mon 15-May-17 16:34:38

My yoga teacher always says that we'll feel the impact of a class 36-48 hours later, glad you enjoyed it.

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