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Yoga with adriene - the next step?!

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FFSenoughofthis Mon 10-Apr-17 21:16:12

I absolutely love adriene, I really connect with her and find the mental part of her videos amazing - I get so much from them. Physically though I find them rather slow and not quite what I'm after. When I could get out the house to classes I used to do ashtanga, which is possibly why I feel there's something a bit lacking.

I tend to dip in and out of her various courses, but haven't seen one through to the end yet. Do they get more physical right at the end?

Can anyone recommend something?! I so hope I can find a way with her cos I honestly get so much out of it mentally!

schrutefarmbeets Tue 11-Apr-17 08:46:54

Have you tried her 30 day challenges? I'm doing Revolution right now which isn't too fast but is v good - I've heard that Yoga Camp is more of a challenge.

She's amazing! Sometimes she can be slow but I read that doing 15-30 min daily practice is better than the longer ones, so maybe by doing her challenges every day you'll feel more of an effect?

FFSenoughofthis Tue 11-Apr-17 12:36:17

I've just started yoga camp the other day, so will stick with it and see! A friend said she was too chatty for her liking but I love it. She just always seems so natural!

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