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Yoga advice needed for a newbie

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HobblingHelen Sun 05-Mar-17 23:35:34

I'm new to yoga and have being trying out a couple of different classes to see what suits me. Could someone please advise me?:

1) What type of yoga will help me develop both strength and flexibility?
2) Should I just stick to one type of yoga (and preferably one teacher) or is it okay to mix and match different styles?
3) Do you need to practise it at home on a daily basis to get a benefit from it or will a once a week (or twice a week) class be enough?
4) If you practise at home. how do you do it? Do you get to know the poses/movements from the class you attend or use videos? Is it best to wait until I am more familiar with the poses before I start doing it at home in case I'm doing them wrong?

carrie74 Mon 06-Mar-17 12:49:46

Hi Hobbling

I'm probably not best placed to advise, I've been practicing yoga since Jan 16. My experience has been Yoga with Adriene (which I think tends to Hatha), and my local classes which doesn't align itself to a particular type (its brand is My Kind of Yoga, so a bit like Adriene I guess, in finding what works for you).

1) I think Ashtanga is well know for strength as well as flexibility, Hatha concentrates a lot on breathing while holding the poses for longer? Don't know how Iyengar fits in.

2) I suspect you'll start to work out a particular class that you just prefer attending.

3) The more you do, the more benefit you'll gain. I practise yoga, but also see a PT for circuit training, do some weights at home, occasionally run. Certainly when I'm practising yoga more frequently at home, I notice it in classes.

4) I tend to use Yoga with Adriene You Tube videos as I like to have some structure to my home practice. You do definitely get to know the moves and sequences, so I tend to practise with my eyes shut. I would definitely make sure you're familiar with poses from class before doing too much at home, but I have to say, Adriene is very good at describing how it should be feeling, and always make sure you're listening to what your body's telling you.

Good luck and enjoy. I wasn't convinced I'd like yoga when I started, thought it was all a bit wishy-washy and I wouldn't work hard enough. Not true!! I really enjoy my classes, they're the only exercise that I actually feel is me time, the other stuff always feels a bit chore-like.

HobblingHelen Thu 09-Mar-17 00:23:54

Thanks for the advice. I'm trying out a few different classes. I find it quite hard because I'm so unflexible - but I think that's why I need to do yoga.

GardenGeek Thu 09-Mar-17 00:44:03

I find it really hard to do at home, and never succeeded on that part.

When I started I did Ashtanga, Hot Yoga (Bikram) and Yin.

I think mixing it up with Yin is really nice as it is relaxing version.

I actually found Bikram much easier than Ashtanga because you have none of the pressure to complete the whole series and poses because of the heat. I also found it easier to do the moves as was more flexible as my muscles were warm.

Cold yoga is really hard tbh. Yoga was not invented in cold countries, so it adds an extreme element of challenge.

Might be worth a try? When it gets to hot you just do the lying down 'pose', and plenty other people are also lying down at various points of beginners class. Fucking great for your skin too - god I miss it sad... cant afford it right now.

ZaraW Fri 10-Mar-17 13:24:39

I go to three classes a week hatha and vinyassa flow. I also practice at home which gives me the opportunity to focus on certain poses I want to improve on currently Mermaid and forearm balance. I've tried bikram yoga and hated every second of it uncomfortable and unpleasant.

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