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Very inflexible, and embarrassed

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Yogavirgin Thu 08-Dec-16 14:22:17

I would really like to try yoga to improve my flexibility. However I am so inflexible (I'm only 34 but have always been) I am too embarrassed to go to any classes.

Will the instructor judge me? Do you think I should start with a dvd or pt sessions to get going.

It's feels like a 'catch 22' as I know yoga will help. But I can't face it!! sad

Apple1976 Thu 08-Dec-16 16:44:10

Of course they won't judge you - youll be amazed at the range of abilities and flexibilities in an average yoga class and it's most defiantly not a competition. No one cares what anyone else can do.

Go along and bit by bit you'll get stronger and more flexible. Yoga is referred to as 'practice' as it's a life long journey. Every time u do a class you'll improve. I started 4 years ago now when I used to do half marathons and ride horses. I was fit but so stiff and inflexible - bit by bit I've loosened up. I'm certainly still not the most flexible but I fell so much better for starting yoga.

MissWillaCather Thu 08-Dec-16 16:47:00

You should go, and you won't be judged!

And I agree it will make you stronger and more flexible.

Find a teacher you like and go for at least some one to one sessions to get started, it's too hard to learn from a DVD to start with.

Ebbenmeowgi Thu 08-Dec-16 16:51:13

You'll be surprised at how quickly your flexibility will improve. Go for an introductory/beginners class so you aren't put off by all the super flexible people! Yoga teachers have seen it all before and are usually v supportive if you get a good class. Go for it!

Dozer Thu 08-Dec-16 16:53:04

I have terrible flexibility, no one else is bothered!

museumum Thu 08-Dec-16 16:53:41

no they won't judge you. just read the descriptions of the classes carefully. if the studio is 'ashtanga' then it will be quite intense so choose a 'gentle' or 'beginners' class. if the class calls itself hatha or iyenger then you can probably join most classes. possibly don't try bikram as your first experience of yoga.

PuraVida Thu 08-Dec-16 16:56:18

I'm totally inflexible too but love yoga. Though saying that I've discovered that it's only parts of me that are inflexible. Other surprising bits aren't

Yoga is totally non judgemental. If you feel under any pressure or awkward it's not the right class for you

I love that it's so inclusive. Our class is made up of teens to pensioners. Overweight people to the super fit.

I don't really notice what poses anyone else is doing or to what extent. You kind of focus purely on yourself

Also our teacher will give us a number of options. Try something, if it feels good take it to the next level and so on. But if you're at your limit either physically or you just aren't feeling it that's fine too

Give it a try - g'waaan

Yogavirgin Thu 08-Dec-16 19:39:10

Thanks all. Still a bit scared tbh, but will try and find a beginners class and give it a go. What's the worst that can happen hey!

I have no idea why I'm so inflexible. I'm not overweight, I just have never been bendy! I'm hoping yoga will make a difference.

Someone mentioned that Pilates might be better. Any opinions on which is better for improving flexibility?

NicknameUsed Thu 08-Dec-16 19:42:09

I do both. Pilates is more about increasing core strength rather than flexibility. Yoga is good for improving flexibility, but the teachers never makes us do anything that would be too uncomfortable.

All the teachers always say "only if you are comfortable, do this etc"

Loraline Thu 08-Dec-16 19:43:49

Do start with a beginner's course rather than a general class that's allegedly 'suitable for beginners' as a general class will progress with poses without explaining them fully. You'll be more comfortable in a total beginner's class.

Teaspoon74 Mon 26-Dec-16 18:10:44

Yogavirgin thanks so much for posting this!! Over the last couple of years I've become quite stiff and inflexible in my left hip.

I'm expecting my first in May and want to try and get a bit bendier but have been worried about showing myself up as the old fart at the back who can't do things!!

Encouraging to see I'm not alone in feeling like this? And to read everyone's supportive comments!!

New year is about booking driving lessons, NCT and now, yoga. All before end of April!!

Pettywoman Wed 28-Dec-16 17:46:48

I'm awfully stiff too but I love yoga. I'm not embarrassed to be shit. It takes me a while to warm up enough to touch my toes. Yoga regularly does improve this.

You could go on YouTube and do some classes at home to get your confidence up. I quite like Yoga with Adriene.

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