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Yoga in the first trimester

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Theknittinggorilla Mon 15-Aug-16 20:52:29

Hoping someone can help...

I have a really stiff back and tight hamstrings, and my physio has recommended yoga. I have taken one class and really loved it, and it has really helped my back/stiffness already. However I have since found out I am pregnant and can't attend any of the classes until I am 12 weeks.

I really don't want to wait that long as I had bad back pain in previous pregnancies and really want to prevent that.

Can I do yoga in the first trimester? And if so, can anyone recommend any online tutorials I can do until I can join an antenatal class at 12 weeks?

Thank you!

CoteDAzur Wed 17-Aug-16 12:10:13

I believe the advice during pregnancy is to continue with the sports you are already practicing but not to start s new one.

Still, I would recommend starting out with a pregnancy yoga class, which is very gentle and adapted to the needs/capabilities of pregnancy. I had been practicing yoga regularly when I got pregnant, and even then had cramps in my belly during breathing exercises in one session. It is much better to do yoga that is adapted for pregnant women when you are pregnant, especially if your body is not used to doing it.

LondonYogaSuz Mon 03-Oct-16 15:40:37

I regularly do two classes a week but did ease off during the first trimester just in case.
I stuck with restorative poses, some gentle cat-cow, gentle warrior, gentle hip openers but nothing too strenuous. Am looking forward to hitting 14 weeks soon and can go back for the pregnancy yoga classes!

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