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on day 12 of 30 days of yoga - what next?

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CherryPicking Thu 10-Sep-15 11:53:53

After seeing30 Days of Yoga with Adriene recommended on here I thought I'd give it a go, and I'm really loving it. I feel more able to deal with my stressful life, slightly less fat and blobby, a bit more confident, and her attitude towards yoga is really positive and life affirming.

I also love the fact that it's different each day. i'm now wondering about what people tend to do after they've finished? Any recommendations for a similar chilled style of dvd or youtube video? Thanks.

CoteDAzur Thu 10-Sep-15 20:39:19

I would be interested to hear any answers to this, too.

CherryPicking Thu 10-Sep-15 21:40:21

Thanks - looks like it's just us for now!

I tried Jillian Michaels a while back, and whilst I think she's pretty cool as a human being, for me the meltdown thing wasn't really yoga - way too much pumping and rock hard abs :-) I'd probably try some of her other workout vidoes though.

My ex mil had some Barbara Curry videos which were surprisingly chilled i seem to recall....

CoteDAzur Thu 10-Sep-15 21:48:19

Noo, no pumping for me please and I certainly don't have any rock-hard abs grin

I heard good things about this free website called Do Yoga With Me but haven't yet had the time or energy to give it a go.

shouldIapply Mon 14-Sep-15 23:26:01

Well Adriene has lots of yoga videos as well as the 30 day challenge so you could try some of those. I did 'yoga for when you are in a bad mood' on Saturday and 'Yoga for when you are feeling sick' earlier in the week (I've had a cold, I've not been happy). She's got lots of different series.

I've had a look at Do Yoga with Me and there are lots of good stuff but find Adriene more fun.

RubberDuck Mon 28-Sep-15 08:13:17

I'm on Day 28 and also wondering where to go next!

I don't mind paying for a yoga video thing. I've heard YogaGlo is supposed to be good, but does that have teachers who are as fun as Adriene? Or is there a better online service where the cool yoga teachers hang out wink

DoreenLethal Mon 28-Sep-15 08:32:33

I have been doing 30 days with Ekhart yoga but I find they are a bit serious for me so I might do the 30 days with Adriene in October...filling in with other programmes as and when. There are so many on line you really don't need to pay for it.

gladyoucame Mon 28-Sep-15 08:52:27

I've tried some other yoga online but I really enjoy Yoga with Adrienne. She has got loads of videos including the one mentioned above e.g. when you're sick, for a broken heart etc but she also does a foundations of yoga series. To be honest I just kept a note of the sessions I really enjoyed in the 30 days and do those as well as some of her others.

CoteDAzur Mon 28-Sep-15 09:10:54

What is Ekhart yoga about, Doreen?

DoreenLethal Tue 29-Sep-15 23:08:42

Well, just yoga but quite serious.

I thought their 30 days ramped up past beginners pretty fast so i then had to seek out the beginners secrion which wasnt part of the 30 days series.

I will stick to you tube for now.

CoteDAzur Tue 29-Sep-15 23:14:16

"just yoga but quite serious"

I can't quite guess what that means. My (advanced) Vinyasa class this morning left my heart pounding in my chest and pretty much every muscle in my body sore. I tried (and failed) a forearm stand and settled for a headstand (succeeded, for several minutes).

Any more "serious" than that might not be for me smile

lorelei9 Tue 29-Sep-15 23:20:59

Mind if I hop on and ask, which poses are suggested for a bad mood?

I only have a Katy Appleton DVD but I really like her. I don't do it that often as I usually prefer something more aggressive but it's good to mix stuff up, I find.

thegiddylimit Thu 01-Oct-15 22:40:30

Mind if I hop on and ask, which poses are suggested for a bad mood?

Here you are

lorelei9 Fri 02-Oct-15 08:47:50

thank you giddy.

NineWest Thu 08-Oct-15 18:56:24

Oh, what is this you speak of? Do I just search for Yoga with Adrienne? Sorry to butt in...

CoteDAzur Fri 09-Oct-15 09:45:49

Yes, just search YouTube for "Yoga with Adrienne". She is great smile

RubberDuck Mon 12-Oct-15 08:47:51

Thought I'd add a quick update in case it helps anyone else.

I tried Do Yoga With Me, but I found the classes very variable in quality and found it hard to navigate around the site.

I tried YogaGlo. I really don't mind paying for content, being an occasional content creator myself and having friends who try to earn a living out of being content creators, I do strongly believe in getting paid for hard work! However, while the class content and levels seemed more consistent, there didn't seem to be any clear progression and I was floating around a bit and losing momentum. I liked having a clear "30 day" yoga 'project' to keep me on track.

So I've switched to Yoga Anytime for the time being. It's another paid site (£12 a month, but you get a 15 day free trial). The thing I really like about it though is that content is organised into shows. So you can work through a progression of classes in a particular show. I feel like I have a bit more of a coherent plan and fewer excuses not to do it each day!

CoteDAzur Mon 12-Oct-15 15:01:46

Very helpful, thank you. I had never heard of Yoga Anytime.

ReggaeShark Mon 02-Nov-15 10:28:34

I've just started with Adrienne. I also like Chaz Rough on YouTube if you want to give him a go.

CoteDAzur Mon 02-Nov-15 11:51:27

What kind of yoga does Chaz Rough do on YouTube? It could be interesting to do yoga with a male teacher.

ReggaeShark Mon 02-Nov-15 13:08:37

I started with his slow flow session but he has others for flexibility, back pain, strength etc. I don't find his voice annoying, which is an important factor for me.

CoteDAzur Tue 03-Nov-15 20:46:19

I see what you mean about "not annoying". I like his voice/manner.

I just watched his Yoga for Knee pain video because this is something I know a bit about, having cured myself of severe knee pain through yoga.

I would be surprised if anyone with serious knee pain can do child's pose (bearing body's full weight on knees fully bent, against hard floor). And I was also surprised to see that there is not a single Warrior pose in the whole sequence - Warrior poses are known for helping knee pain because they strengthen the muscles supporting the knee without painful & repetitive motion.

If you find Chaz a bit slow after a while, search YouTube for Vinyasa Flow sequences.

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