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Opening hips, in pain

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lazycoo Sun 16-Aug-15 07:07:32

I've been doing yoga for a year now. I've been really 'locked' particularly at the hips. The right side is more relaxed (having experienced a massive 'clunk' near my sacrum one day) but I'm having difficulty with my left side. I'm in regular discomfort and am actually hobbling at times. I need painkillers to cope sometimes. This has only begun since the front of my hips started to release through yoga a few months ago. I've only recently started to feel a stretch across the front of my hips in warrior 1&2, I just wasn't 'getting it' before. Just wondered if anyone had any experience or advice they could share please.

CoteDAzur Sun 16-Aug-15 09:47:23

Sorry to hear your hips are painful. Where exactly do you feel the pain? Google "groin strain" and see if symptoms sound familiar.

lazycoo Sun 16-Aug-15 18:12:14

Thanks Cote. The pain is across the front of my hips. I had a read and I wonder if it's the little adductor muscle just coming back into play after many years of inaction. A physio has commented in the past at the surprising lack of movement in my hips. So yes I think it's groin strain. Thank you.

CoteDAzur Sun 16-Aug-15 21:04:56

That's where I feel my groin strain, too. Please see a specialist doctor if (over time) it keeps coming back.

lazycoo Mon 17-Aug-15 11:06:46

Thanks Cote, I will do. I appreciate the advice.

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