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Mysore yoga practice

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TheRealMaryMillington Tue 14-Jul-15 17:59:17

I've been going to an ashtanga class (sporadically) for about 6 months but my teacher has just set up a mini studio (I think it used to be her garage) and is running mysore sessions there this summer.

I've been to one. I liked it but I kept doing stuff in the wrong order. Especially the sitting forward folds.

Anyone else into Mysore? How long did it take you to get to be confident in the sequence?

magichandles Thu 16-Jul-15 17:58:26

My yoga studio runs a "Transitioning to Mysore" workshop from time to time - could be useful if you are anywhere near south London?

I haven't done it yet as I think I'm still benefiting too much from the led classes, but I would like to try nearer the end of the year - I've been practising for about as long as you have.

TheRealMaryMillington Thu 16-Jul-15 18:24:30

I've been to two sessions now and the second went better than the first in terms of remembering what to do when. There were only 4 of us so it was not at all intimidating. The teacher printed out the sequence in little photos, but encouraged us not to use it. I think I benefitted very strongly from arriving about 3 salutations after the person on the next mat, though.

I'm only doing up to marichasana for now then on to backbends and closing sequence. Just under an hour, its enough for now. They only do one ashtanga class per week at the studio I'm a member of so I will still go to that.

kmuss Thu 16-Jul-15 21:32:52

It took a while. I can really recommend doing a few practices a week at home and building it up from there.

CaoNiMa Sat 18-Jul-15 13:04:24

I have recently taken up a daily Mysore practise after a year of doing studio-style "light" ashtanga. It has changed my entire outlook on my practise. Now I dont think I would go back to regular led classes.

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