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England v Germany, where are you ?

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williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 14:46:39

Come hold my hand. Hoping for a win within fulltime. Is anyone else here?

McSteamy Sun 27-Jun-10 14:47:28

Yup! I am nervously waiting for kick off

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 14:50:04

Helloooo. Hope it's better than the last match. I couldn't cope with going to penalties. Wine's in though, might need it grin

BeenBeta Sun 27-Jun-10 14:55:36

I am sat next to the TV playing on my laptop so I cant see the TV screen but listening to the game like on a radio - I just can't watch.

Heathcliffscathy Sun 27-Jun-10 14:57:32

in my FANTASTIC new kitchen/dining/living space...enjoying the view out through huge doors to garden...

and am not that tense coz being an internationalist i'm hoping that football will win today (ducks to avoid being bottled!)

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 14:59:08

am sat on the sofa. feel a bit guilty for not being out in the sunshine but can't miss this!

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:00:15

any one enduring this on iplayer?

Heathcliffscathy Sun 27-Jun-10 15:00:46

dh can't actually sit down. is watching standing up.

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:00:49

sophable this is not the place for that sort of language <peers over glasses>

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:01:37

the bit about internationalism

Heathcliffscathy Sun 27-Jun-10 15:03:02

sorry darling.

how do you know i'm not triple back double bluffing myself cause i care so much?

ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:04:07

am not watching it atm

couldn't bear to watch England lose to Germany tbh. I would love Ghana to win th world cup if there is any hope of it. I am so keen on Ghana winning, I couldn't watch the game yesterday. Only swtiched on the tv when it was finished to watch them celebrate.

this whole football competitionthing just doesn't work for me, can only watch games I couldn't care less about

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:05:42

he he he Soph.
bloody hell. close

franke Sun 27-Jun-10 15:05:46

I'm in Germany. dh is German. I felt quite tearful during the national anthems. dc seem to be supporting England. wink

Heathcliffscathy Sun 27-Jun-10 15:07:07

hi franke is it boiling hot like it is here in london?

franke Sun 27-Jun-10 15:07:47

Yep, sizzlin'.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:07:53

you have trained them well franke!

franke Sun 27-Jun-10 15:10:48


ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:10:49

dd is down the road watching with the German family actually

The German family that is that drove me mad last week or wehnever it was when they won against Ghana and honked their car horn at 3 in the mnorning. When did the game finish?

Ghana can still win, Ghana can win. In the meantime : go England. I shall be cleaning windows...

TriplePachyderm Sun 27-Jun-10 15:11:33

sitting with wine and kfc hoping england lose grin

ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:12:31

I love the coating on KFC but what do they do to the chicken underneath? I notice we seem to all pick off the covering and throw away a lot of chicken with the bones

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:12:59

that boateng of germany looks quite yummy though

BosomsByTheSea Sun 27-Jun-10 15:13:13

In the living room with 9 month twin boys both fallen asleep on the floor after the excitement of the garden and the paddling pool earlier. Not watching (no telly) but listening on 5 live. Have sent DH to the pub for a few hours off (he is f-t SAHD, he needs a break at the weekend smile)

ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:14:23

so who is going to win the WC then? I know really it won't be Ghana in the end.

Won't be England or Gemrany though either, will it?

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:15:30

nice save

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