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Germany vs Spain

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MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 19:27:17

<eats Brezels>

<drinks Becks>

Who is joining me?

LetThereBeRock Wed 07-Jul-10 21:30:48

LOL I think they'll need to.

I'm craving calamari now.envy

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 21:27:12

Ha. I wonder if they have the octopus under guard tonight.

LetThereBeRock Wed 07-Jul-10 21:23:53

LOL That's exactly what I was going to post. I swear he's cursing the team.

Oh well, come on the Netherlands!

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 21:21:15

Anyone fancy calamaris?

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 21:19:14

The octopus done it.

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 21:00:49


C'mon guys, you can do it.

LetThereBeRock Wed 07-Jul-10 21:00:10

Damn.That's it.sad

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 20:59:26

It is pretty boring

Aw. Shite.

Earlybird Wed 07-Jul-10 20:59:17

Ok - not boring!!

Earlybird Wed 07-Jul-10 20:57:58

I'm listening, but not watching.

Based on listening, it seems a boring game. Is watching better?

LetThereBeRock Wed 07-Jul-10 20:57:15

I hope not.

oricella Wed 07-Jul-10 20:55:42

will the octopus be right again then?

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 20:48:41

Oh dear oh dear. This is not looking good. Wish Germany would get a move on a score. Spain are looking better at the moment.

oricella Wed 07-Jul-10 20:47:21

Keeping an eye on the score - curious to see who we'll be playing Sunday ..

sayanything Wed 07-Jul-10 20:30:35

Still neutral. Spain won the Euro, so by rights it should be Germany's turn. And Spain had the easier run to the semis. But Germany won the Eurovision Song Contest...

Oooh here we go.

LetThereBeRock Wed 07-Jul-10 20:27:39

I'm not watching as I'm making soup but I'm checking the BBC site reguarly.

I want the Germans to win.

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 20:21:29

Hmm, rather disappointed with that first half.

BigGreenBin Wed 07-Jul-10 19:51:03

Most of the goals in the whole tournament for germany have been scored by Poles.

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 19:49:37

That is true. My DH commented on the fact that there are very few "German" names on the team.

<waves to Oliver Bierhoff>

BlauerEngel Wed 07-Jul-10 19:46:48

<sigh> The Germans get somewhat unbearable when they win things like this, but they are playing really well at the moment and would deserve to win. What I like most about the team is that it's the first really multicultural one - Özil, Boateng, etc. This will hopefully do a lot to convince the majority of Germans that you don't HAVE to be called Müller and have an ethnic German background traceable back to 10 generations in order to represent your country.

Is it true that 'to be mullered' is now an expression in the UK following that UK-Germany match?

Mme Lindt, I'm drinking Jever rather than Becks. It's been so loud here for every German goal so far in this World Cup - not just the Vuvuzelas, but the fireworks. I didn't know you could buy fireworks legally in summer.

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 07-Jul-10 19:45:34

DH is half- Dutch so we are with The Netherlands!

but tonight, with Spain..

mind you it looks to be Germanys game very much so far...

agalchchangedhername Wed 07-Jul-10 19:44:39

Gotta be Germany here cos DH has a bet on them!!!!

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 19:44:23


I will tell DH that one.

BigGreenBin Wed 07-Jul-10 19:43:05

rioja here too, but expect the germans have already got their towels out on the seats at the stadium in Capetown for sunday grin

MmeLindt Wed 07-Jul-10 19:41:07

Going to open some German wine now.

Oh, my nerves!

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