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No one watching Germany vs Argentinia?

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MmeLindt Sat 03-Jul-10 15:40:01

We were just a few minutes late in switching the TV on and missed the first goal.

Hope there are more.

MmeLindt Sat 03-Jul-10 16:34:08

<does the conga>

MmeLindt Sat 03-Jul-10 16:42:21

<drinks 4th beer>

RustyBear Sat 03-Jul-10 16:48:16

Oh yes, there were more!

MmeLindt Sat 03-Jul-10 16:50:19

What a fantastic team. I am so impressed by them.

franke Sat 03-Jul-10 17:00:17

Weren't they brilliant. Such an exciting game!

babysplotface Sat 03-Jul-10 17:07:09


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