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England v Germany, where are you ?

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williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 14:46:39

Come hold my hand. Hoping for a win within fulltime. Is anyone else here?

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:24:12

zzen - you can replicate kfc by soaking chicken nuggets in a bowl of sunflower oil then microwaving them!

(love the taste of kfc but can't bring myself to eat it cos I think the welfare of their chickens must be terrible)

ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:24:50

LOL at speaking German.

Are you like my dd? Whatever game she watches, she waits to see who looks like they're going to win and then she'll swtich allegiance anytime. Has to bge on the side of the winner.

I'm for the underdog. In this way though she is more Gemran than English I think.

TriplePachyderm Sun 27-Jun-10 15:25:24

sorry guys

I'm not really a football fan but watching for fun and I'm trying to renouce my englishness, have been for years, so can't support england grin

ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:25:52

something wrong with the chicken

The coating is the good though. Could quite happily buy a hamper of that without the chicken

ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:26:32

that's ok triple, you're allowed. Join in slagging off the umpires though, that's the main thing about watching football, isn't it?

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:27:16

this is too hard

compo Sun 27-Jun-10 15:28:48

Bloody ref

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:30:32


OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:30:43

phew - well saved!

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:31:27

awwwwwwwww. bother.

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:31:28

sodding ref

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:31:58

we was robbed

TriplePachyderm Sun 27-Jun-10 15:32:19


compo Sun 27-Jun-10 15:32:25

We're going home sad

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:32:26


williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:32:30


Meglet Sun 27-Jun-10 15:33:18

I am having to bite my lip here and not bellow at my neighbours who are cheering wildly angry.

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:33:31


PussinJimmyChoos Sun 27-Jun-10 15:33:33

What is the point of even playing the match....we should have just booked our flights home when we knew we were going to play Germany!

BeenBeta Sun 27-Jun-10 15:33:47

I am definitley going to water some vegetables now and I think I will also need a drink myself.

compo Sun 27-Jun-10 15:34:22

Bye bye capello
rooney' s career going to be in tatters
the 'never quite made it ' men

ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:34:42

I knew I shouldn't watch this.

That was a good goal though. How do they get this Poles playing for Germany? I rmeember when Lukas Podalski and that other Polish guy - what's his name? - played for Gemrany in the WC and had to play against Poland.

Bet that was a tough game for them

Well I think England is out tbh

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:34:43


williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:36:05


compo Sun 27-Jun-10 15:37:13


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