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England v Germany, where are you ?

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williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 14:46:39

Come hold my hand. Hoping for a win within fulltime. Is anyone else here?

Timbachick Sun 27-Jun-10 15:16:21

Got absolutely everything crossed for an England win. DH is supporting England all the way (is of Italian extraction so somewhat depressed at the moment). DS is supporting England too ... it's either that or he get's no dinner grin

Beers are cooling for after - post England-win-celebratory BBQ!

ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:16:42

oh sigh I will go and watchi t. Posting about it is not much different to actually watching.

Meglet Sun 27-Jun-10 15:17:09

in the garden watching it on lap top grin

Just got back from a birthday party so DD is having a nap and DS is watching cbeebies upstairs in my room.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:18:05

free kick...

BeenBeta Sun 27-Jun-10 15:18:24

We need Beckham.

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:18:26

kfc became tooooo greasy, even the chips are greasy hmm

BeenBeta Sun 27-Jun-10 15:19:02

We definitley need Beckham. hmm

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:19:03

welcome to the dark side zen.

doh. waste of a free kick.

BeenBeta Sun 27-Jun-10 15:19:35

Is it me or is Wayne Rooney looking slow and heavy these days?

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:20:11


OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 27-Jun-10 15:20:13

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lilymaid Sun 27-Jun-10 15:20:33

Oh no!

Meglet Sun 27-Jun-10 15:20:47


And my neighbours are cheering germany (and they aren't german)

compo Sun 27-Jun-10 15:20:48

Oh shit

TriplePachyderm Sun 27-Jun-10 15:20:50


ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:21:10

neighbour down the road is honking his car horn

we are in the Czech Republic though, I find it kind of weird

or am I weird? Really fancying some greasy KFC now

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:21:12

F. G. S

franke Sun 27-Jun-10 15:21:31


ZZZenAgain Sun 27-Jun-10 15:21:47

knew I shouldn't watch this.

BeenBeta Sun 27-Jun-10 15:22:19

I thought Germany were running a bit to freely in midfeld for my liking.

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:22:48

Triple are you supporting Germany?
<passive aggressive smile>

BeenBeta Sun 27-Jun-10 15:23:07

Now I am speaking German ....midfeld...?

Heathcliffscathy Sun 27-Jun-10 15:23:24


Tidey Sun 27-Jun-10 15:23:41

Oh bugger

williewalshsballs Sun 27-Jun-10 15:23:57

grin beta

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