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England v Germany: who will be wearing the home kit?

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YouMightKnowMe Fri 25-Jun-10 20:50:12

Fair comment

domesticsluttery Fri 25-Jun-10 17:07:48

I think there will be a healthy number choosing the anyone but england German cakes grin

cat64 Fri 25-Jun-10 17:06:25

Message withdrawn

domesticsluttery Fri 25-Jun-10 17:03:29

Thanks Shirl grin

YouMightKnowMe: you might be in England, but we are not. We are in Wales, so neither one is our national shirt. They will be watching the match in the football club where the event is being held though.

Having a choice of both teams will satisfy both the England fans who have sneaked over the border and the the A.B.E. brigade.

YouMightKnowMe Fri 25-Jun-10 16:45:44

But just uin case....I would go withteh safer option and just do the england flag on them all because

a) we are in England so we should support our national team
b) it compensates for the risk of getting the team strips wrong

England flag would be easy. Just put a blob of white icing on each and buy a red icing pen thing and do a cross on them.

BarefootShirl Fri 25-Jun-10 16:39:58

Apparently England are going to play in all red and Germany will be in their usual white shirts/black shorts. Not sure which of us is sadder - me for phoning DH at work to ask him or him for kmowing the answer hmm.

domesticsluttery Fri 25-Jun-10 15:35:21

Please help!

I have stupidly agreed to make some cupcakes for the cake stall at the local under 11s football awards afternoon/fundraiser, which is taking place on Sunday afternoon. The coach (in his wisdom) has suggested that I could make them in England and Germany colours! Icing flags on individual cakes is a little beyond my patience level ability, so I thought I could ice them in teh shirt colours and then make little flags on cocktail sticks. However, they both play in white!

So does anyone know who will be playing in which colour on Sunday?

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