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Did anyone see the Italy v Slovakia match?

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notnowbernard Thu 24-Jun-10 20:08:36


What a game

And I fret that England are shite...

puppa Thu 24-Jun-10 21:17:00

oh was just brill, i just love it, im lovin denmark and japan game too, japan are shit hot, fair play!

ABitBatty Thu 24-Jun-10 21:22:04

Yes I did! My neighbours are Slovakian and my next door but one neighbours are Scottish, but was wearing an Italy T Shirt this morning.

He stopped me this morning and tapped his newspaper and said:

Him 'ha ha you do know who you have to play to win it don't you'

Me 'Yeah, Germany, maybe Argentina...'

Him 'Then the big guys..' tapping the badge on his chest....

I looked about for him this evening, went out to the bins etc to see if I could catch him. Saw him going out in the car later and he had a different top on grin

I love it!

Francagoestohollywood Thu 24-Jun-10 21:36:07

Yes, Italy was shite. It's always shite when we have Berlusconi as a PM. It's a known fact.

notnowbernard Thu 24-Jun-10 21:42:11

Italy were woeful until the last 20mins or so

They did leave it rather late...

Will they get slaughtered in the Press in the same way England do if they are shite?

Francagoestohollywood Thu 24-Jun-10 21:47:42

Yes, they will.
Actually they've been slaughtered by the press even before the world cup started.

Oh, and Lega Nord, the separatist (racist) party in the government coalition have clearly stated that they wouldn't be supporting Italy as they only recognize northern Italy (WTF???).

Francagoestohollywood Thu 24-Jun-10 21:48:32

Therefore, the left wing press will be quite respectful of our national team, the right wing press will be uber nasty.

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