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notnowbernard Wed 23-Jun-10 21:15:06

WHY can one never write off the Germans?

WHY did the US of fucking A have to beat Algeria?

WHY do have to face Germany AGAIN, in the knockout phase of a tournament?

Sunday will be a depressing day, I can feel it in my water

<goes off in search of optimism>

PussinJimmyChoos Wed 23-Jun-10 21:22:14

I wish I could be optimistic also but I just said to DH ahh, us vs Germany...we are out then


nancy75 Wed 23-Jun-10 21:25:15

last time we played germany we beat them 2-1 iirc

notnowbernard Wed 23-Jun-10 21:26:53

I just can't see it happening (England beating Germany)

I am dreading Sunday already

<loathes self for caring this much>

MarsLady Wed 23-Jun-10 21:27:11

We can beat them, esp if we play like we did today and better.

Meglet Wed 23-Jun-10 21:54:56

Just think of 1st September 2001 and have faith grin.

Miracles happen.... hmm

notnowbernard Wed 23-Jun-10 21:58:08

Was that when they won 5-1?

Doodlez Wed 23-Jun-10 21:58:51

Oh thank Gawd, people who understand what happens next.....

I love to follow the WC but can't keep up with who plays what and when and where next. I can handle it by the time it gets to the quarter finals!

So we play Germany on Sunday then/ Do we know what time?

MmeLindt Wed 23-Jun-10 22:11:10

I refer you to the wise words of Gary Lineker who said, "Soccer is a game for 22 people that run around, play the ball, and one referee who makes a slew of mistakes, and in the end Germany always wins".

RustyBear Wed 23-Jun-10 22:15:09

Actually England have won 12 times, Germany 10 with 5 draws...

Doodlez Wed 23-Jun-10 22:16:49

Wise man that Lineker! grin

BUT WHAT TIME is the match?

Fifa website tells me it's Sunday and who's playing and what their form is to date and which of them has skid marks in their gruds but it DOES NOT give me the kick-off time! {grrrrrrr}

notnowbernard Wed 23-Jun-10 22:18:07

3pm Doodlez

Doodlez Wed 23-Jun-10 22:19:00

OK - Ignore me....I'm a knob. I didn't scroll down the page.

It's at 4pm


Doodlez Wed 23-Jun-10 22:19:42

3pm our time and 4 pm in South Africa - right?

<labouring point now>

MmeLindt Wed 23-Jun-10 22:20:06

3pm UK time.

I always find the statistics amusing. Would perhaps be more use if the teams had not changed over the years, but the German team that is now playing is so different to the one that played in 66, 74, or 1990.

ThatVikRinA22 Wed 23-Jun-10 22:21:01

nope. we will beat Germany. have faith. wink

Meglet Wed 23-Jun-10 22:28:01

We have a party to go to, although it's a nice informal kids one so I hope the tv will be on so I can peek at the score.

MmeLindt Wed 23-Jun-10 22:33:32

I will be in Germany, in Düsseldorf. With real Englishwomen. And some Germans. Going to be fun.

We will win, it will be a glorious day - light the bbq, get the tv in the garden, get pissed and then either way it will be a marvellous day.

OnEdge Wed 23-Jun-10 22:48:30

Its all too much, can never relax without them sidling up and fucking it for us AGAIN.

If we beat them it will be as good as winning the whole fekkin thing.

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