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England v Slovakia virtual sweepstake

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helyg Wed 23-Jun-10 14:35:37

Please give:

The final score

The time of the first goal (for a tie breaker in case more than one person has the winning score)

Your virtual £100 grin

EnglandAllenPoe Wed 23-Jun-10 16:11:56

so i can't win the virtual ton then?


thumbwitch Wed 23-Jun-10 16:49:21

1-0 then to England. I suppose that's good?

helyg Wed 23-Jun-10 16:58:28

Smokeybacon wins the virtual cash, plus gets her face painted grin

smokeybacon Thu 24-Jun-10 13:26:34

<collects winnings>

Woooo hoooooo! I never win anything!

Pleasure doing business with you, ladies. I thank you.

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