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Are you excited yet?!

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Oblomov Wed 23-Jun-10 15:59:32

can someone give details please. i am at work.

have they changed the formation? is rooney lone striker ? is cole playing ? are they playing with zip and gusto ?

ShinyAndNew Wed 23-Jun-10 15:47:36

Yep. 1-0 to England at half time.

Oblomov Wed 23-Jun-10 15:38:04

i knew they were goin got be in red. apparently they are 1 up already, so my boss just told us ????

wannaBe Wed 23-Jun-10 15:00:06

I know someone who had tickets for this match but didn't go because, if he went to this match then he wouldn't have been able to afford to go to the final. shock so - he had to buy a package - the first three matches at approx £70 per ticket, then a £200 deposit for the final if England are in it. If they're not in it then the deposit is non-refundable, and he has bought tickets to three matches he didn't attend. shock

The england supporters club must be rubbing their hands together with mugs like that about.

GypsyMoth Wed 23-Jun-10 14:56:15

wow...the crowd are singing national anthem'''''LOUD......take note england team!!

GypsyMoth Wed 23-Jun-10 14:54:27

oooohh we're in red!!

cardy Wed 23-Jun-10 14:53:34

Yesssss...i so want Englang to win, I'm not usually a big England fan (big footie fan though).

Off to staff canteen now

compo Wed 23-Jun-10 14:47:59

Wannabe!!!! Shush grin

ShinyAndNew Wed 23-Jun-10 14:47:12

My father is excited and torn. He is half English half Slovene. He was hoping to be able to support both teams. We tried to tell him it would never work, but he wouldn't listen grin

I'm not that bothered about Football, but I am watching this match.

GypsyMoth Wed 23-Jun-10 14:45:03


we're ready!! just put ds in his kit and painted his face.....flags are out,dc on way home.....drinks ready!!

wannaBe Wed 23-Jun-10 14:44:25


They're going home tonight.

I was excited on Friday but after that performance this game is IMO just a formality.

It will be a draw IMO and they'll be on the next plane. I wonder if they'll be going straight to the airport like the french apparently did?

compo Wed 23-Jun-10 14:43:21

Can't you bashers do it in chat rather than here?!!

Come on boys grin

Oblomov Wed 23-Jun-10 14:40:20

no. the whole world cup has been miserable. games rubbish. low key atmosphere. worry that fabio won't change formation. worry that england can't pick up their game.
hope it all picks up soon. dh thinks it has been porr. and he has watched alotta lotta games over the years (35 years !!)

QualityTime Wed 23-Jun-10 14:17:09

In a word, no.

But have fun.

fluffyhamster Wed 23-Jun-10 14:16:12

Why? Is something happening today?

RiverOfSleep Wed 23-Jun-10 14:14:28

No more work - thats it now - we're all too excited. Colleague blasting footie songs out, other colleague rigging up internet to projector so we can watch on big screen.

We're gonna score one more than you...

Come on England!!!

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