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Virtual sweepstake England vs Algeria

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magicOC Fri 18-Jun-10 07:12:29

Ok guys, Catinthehat2 started the last one. Who wants to join another?

I'll start

England 2 Algeria 1 goal scored in 17th minute. My £100 paid smile

Off to work now.

See you all for kick off at 730.

williewalshsballs Fri 18-Jun-10 20:34:41

gah ffs

williewalshsballs Fri 18-Jun-10 20:35:19

the vino going down very well though

orienteerer Fri 18-Jun-10 20:35:46

Right, this is so bad I'm now heading in search of the wine I was saving for tomorrow!!

BeenBeta Fri 18-Jun-10 20:36:39

This is getting so desperate I just put £100 on Greece to win the World Cup.

EightiesChick Fri 18-Jun-10 20:36:52

Have just given in and poured a beer. Is that bird still sitting on the back of the net? It's the most interesting thing I've seen so far.

orienteerer Fri 18-Jun-10 20:37:08

Ingles2 - only 1/2 a bottle, you're a lightweight!grin.

Wordsonascreen Fri 18-Jun-10 20:39:25

i predict

Wordsonascreen Fri 18-Jun-10 20:40:26

I have a winebox blush

It might get a bit messy

BeenBeta Fri 18-Jun-10 20:41:38

Ten yards out from goal and you pass it backwards!

williewalshsballs Fri 18-Jun-10 20:42:25


notnowbernard Fri 18-Jun-10 20:43:28


williewalshsballs Fri 18-Jun-10 20:43:54

what's wrong with their heads? a lot of work for hte sports psychologist to do. no confidence

williewalshsballs Fri 18-Jun-10 20:44:47

bloody hell. will be drunk by end of this

Meglet Fri 18-Jun-10 20:45:27

application form for Argentinian citizenship

They need a rocket up their backsides. Spoilt brats.

orienteerer Fri 18-Jun-10 20:45:47

Wordonascreen - that's more like it (the wine box I mean)grin.

Meglet Fri 18-Jun-10 20:47:02

oops, that wasn't meant to be a link.

Too much wine.

noddyholder Fri 18-Jun-10 20:47:35


williewalshsballs Fri 18-Jun-10 20:47:43

meglet. noo form there. please check link. giving it serious consideration, ffs

williewalshsballs Fri 18-Jun-10 20:49:10

we. have. to. win. this

BeenBeta Fri 18-Jun-10 20:49:48

This reminds me why I am not normally a football fan.

Meglet Fri 18-Jun-10 20:50:07

I predict the FA are now considering how much to offer Maradona to manage us for the next WC.

Wordsonascreen Fri 18-Jun-10 20:51:39

I've resorted to youtube and old england songs

currently 1982 with a kazoo this time we'll get it right

(we didn't)

williewalshsballs Fri 18-Jun-10 20:52:01

agrree beta. this is why i don't like football. too traumatic

mrsfrisby Fri 18-Jun-10 20:52:08

This is unbearable. Has the Wunderkind managed to do one decent pass or has he dropped every bollock ball?

EightiesChick Fri 18-Jun-10 20:54:00

My toddler DS would do better than this.

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