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Virtual sweepstake England vs Algeria

(262 Posts)
magicOC Fri 18-Jun-10 07:12:29

Ok guys, Catinthehat2 started the last one. Who wants to join another?

I'll start

England 2 Algeria 1 goal scored in 17th minute. My £100 paid smile

Off to work now.

See you all for kick off at 730.

Pofacedagain Fri 18-Jun-10 16:15:12

Nil Nil. Unless England get v lucky.

orienteerer Fri 18-Jun-10 16:17:23


mosschops30 Fri 18-Jun-10 16:18:26

I'll got 2-1 to England.
Goal scored in 33rd minute
£50 for me please grin

fruitshootsandheaves Fri 18-Jun-10 16:22:04

3-0 to england
first goal 8th minute

no money not even virtual money as I am mean.
I'll bet 5 special K minibreaks.

ExitPursuedByABear Fri 18-Jun-10 16:23:21

What time is kick off? DH normally picks DD up from dancing at 7.30 - looks like I might have to do it.

mosschops30 Fri 18-Jun-10 16:39:57

I meant 1st goal scored in 33rd minute.

Kick off is 7.30pm, I cant wait grin

MrsDrOwenHunt Fri 18-Jun-10 16:48:35

algeria 2 england 1 mehdi to score second five mins from time

belizabus Fri 18-Jun-10 16:49:13

3-1 England. I'll go one step further and name the scorers. Lampard from a penalty, also Crouch, who will come on for Heskey, and Rooney. Don't care who scores for Algeria - our pummeling of them will make it meaningless anyway. grin

zippy79 Fri 18-Jun-10 16:51:17

3-1 to Algeria. Lets face it England only managed to hold USA to a draw.....

MerryMarigold Fri 18-Jun-10 16:59:00

1-0 to England. Goal in 78th minute, own goal by Algerian defense.

Dreary, defensive match followed by 10 minutes of better attacking play at the beginning of the second half, with 2 shots on goal which go nowhere.

Maybe with a couple of beers I could be more optimistic (it's been a hard day!).

allshoppedout Fri 18-Jun-10 17:00:21


GypsyMoth Fri 18-Jun-10 17:00:55

england 2- 2 algeria

first goal in minute 14

last goal 90 mins by lamps!!

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 18-Jun-10 17:07:22

3-2 to Algeria.

was going to say 0-0 because there seem to be practically no goals this world cup, but I might as well stick my neck out and be different grin

whats the betting that if we order take-away tonight we won't get it til midnight cos everyone else will be doing the same?

OhYouBadBadKitten Fri 18-Jun-10 17:08:16

actually am not very different after all.

williewalshsballs Fri 18-Jun-10 17:14:01

where's the faith? hmm
england 3 - algeria 1
we'll win this and go on to qualify top of our group.

Smilehighclub Fri 18-Jun-10 17:20:58

2-1 to England. 20 mins in England scores.

Algerian goal slips into the net due to defensive England cockup.

Sammyuni Fri 18-Jun-10 17:21:28

2 - 0 to England

Algeria are in bad form have not won any games and their centre forward is suspended.

MizDemeanor Fri 18-Jun-10 17:29:03

England 3-0 Algeria 0 first goal 6 mins

maresedotes Fri 18-Jun-10 17:34:52

2-0 to England. We'll score in 22nd minute. £100 paid.

RuthieCohen Fri 18-Jun-10 17:39:49

another 1-1 draw methinks. Algeria score early, England make us sweat.

I'm good for a tenner grin

Wordsonascreen Fri 18-Jun-10 17:52:01

2-1 to England

Rooney to score in 44th minute

At least one England player to get injured.
Two yellow cards

2nd goal will be Algerian and another goal keeping error leaving England to field Joe Hart against Slovakia.

Winning goal will come from a scrappy corner in the last 5 minutes leading to general rioting as the referee declares 7 mins of extra time where we hoof the ball aimlessly and win by the skin if our teeth.

Adrian Chiles will not wear a tie.

[proffers handfull of loose change]

mrsfrisby Fri 18-Jun-10 17:52:47

One goal each, both scored when I nip out for a wee, I fall asleep before the end due to pregnancy exhaustion. Can't have a beer to make myself feel optimistic sad

mrsfrisby Fri 18-Jun-10 17:53:11

put me down for a tenner

LeninGoooaaall Fri 18-Jun-10 17:55:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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