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If the buzzing is driving you nuts then try this

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bran Sun 13-Jun-10 14:22:42

I find the brown noise on this website covers it nicely. I use the oscillate button and it sounds a bit like waves on a pebble beach. I can still hear the commentary but barely notice the buzzing.

bran Sun 13-Jun-10 14:23:35

Sorry, this website.

SweetGrapes Sun 13-Jun-10 14:25:49

I was wondering if it was my tv or me going nuts. Thanks.... smile

JimmyTarbuck Sun 13-Jun-10 14:28:09

Love it. Thanks for the tip.

glittery Sun 13-Jun-10 14:31:56

oooh im liking this! i have a bit of a headache and it seems to be easing it....or maybe its my imagination....dunno but its working!! grin

bran Sun 13-Jun-10 19:54:43

Bumping for the evening crowd.

mountainmonkey Sun 13-Jun-10 20:08:31

Ooooh! I like that!

OhYouBadBadKitten Sun 13-Jun-10 20:09:35

oddly nice!

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