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Here we go! Come on England!!!!

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Portofino Sat 12-Jun-10 19:34:23

We have to beat the US! As my friend in California pointed out this morning "soccer is mainly a girl's game"!

FabIsGettingFit Sat 12-Jun-10 21:07:24

come on england

come on crouchy

Crouch is a very strange looking man.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 12-Jun-10 21:16:53

oh dear.

KerryMumbles Sat 12-Jun-10 21:17:56


I can't bear this aargh

Think there might be a bollocking in the changing room now.

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 12-Jun-10 21:24:34

never mind.

Ingles2 Sat 12-Jun-10 21:24:57

that was just totally painful...completely agonising.
I can't stand weeks of this.
Blardy Robert Green and his slippy gloves

Don't worry Ingles, it will only get worse from now on in.

Portofino Sat 12-Jun-10 21:27:58


Ingles2 Sat 12-Jun-10 21:31:45

I'm sure you're right porridge..
the whole match felt like a very similar experience to watching ds1 play in his town team...sooooo close....but not quite.
Am exhausted<pours more wine>

KerryMumbles Sat 12-Jun-10 21:31:50

we're happy with that result


It is chest hair - who would've thought it? grin

Ingles2 Sat 12-Jun-10 21:32:58

bet you are kerry grin
did you win the sweepstake btw?

MmeLindt Sat 12-Jun-10 21:34:08

Watching German TV now for the analysis.

Bet the German team will sleep a bit lighter tonight.

<gives Ingles a reassuring pat and passes her the fruit n nut> I do think a return to the Keegan era of football strips is needed tho.

mrsruffallo Sat 12-Jun-10 21:36:40

Porr Rob Green..I do feel for him
Why is watching England always so frustrating?
I love Johnson though

Ingles2 Sat 12-Jun-10 22:05:03

<guzzles the choc> Ta porridge....
<slurps wine>
feeling a bit better now... a quick dance on Just dance on the Wii works a treat

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