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Shallow thread to lust after players and pundits

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3BreastsInMyShirt Sat 12-Jun-10 12:53:43

no idea who looks hot (i'm hiding in my cupnboard study and can only hear) but there's someone at the mo who has just used 'really penetratingly' 'deeply penetrating' and 'penetrating' about 15 times in 5 minutes. sounds rude.

cybbo Sat 12-Jun-10 12:41:34

yes he is tres handsome

MarcoTardellisgoalcelebration Sat 12-Jun-10 12:34:31

Should have said Adebayor blush Very, very nice!

MarcoTardellisgoalcelebration Fri 11-Jun-10 21:26:46

I've just been informed that extremely striking BBC guest pundit is Kanu. Good start for Day 1

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