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That bloody humming!

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notnowbernard Fri 11-Jun-10 19:41:44

It's like a swarm of bees and is doing my head in

Was looking forward to lots of African rythym and beats

beautifulgirls Mon 14-Jun-10 22:03:40

Hee Hee - I'm with BalloonSlayer! The word makes me think of some awful STD!! grin

compo Mon 14-Jun-10 22:06:04

I've got used to it now

Sammyuni Tue 15-Jun-10 01:38:40

I'm used to it now i don't even notice it anymore

camperdahlia Tue 15-Jun-10 10:16:27

camperdahlia Tue 15-Jun-10 10:17:02

[[ ]]

camperdahlia Tue 15-Jun-10 10:17:50

third time lucky -- oops! sorry

mayorquimby Tue 15-Jun-10 10:28:42

jesus that guy just sounds like a prick who knows very little about football and has a chip on his shoulder.
FWIW I was talking to a mate last night who's over in S.A. and he said that they're great craic in the stadiums and the Euro fans are enjoying them. In which case my argument against them was pretty moot. They may be annoying on tv but if the non-S.A. fans at the game are using them and enjoying too then the complaints don't really hold up.

Helenastar Tue 15-Jun-10 11:02:41

I must say it hasnt really bothered me till last night when I was trying to watch the Italy game, I couldnt concentrate on Cannavaro!

notnowbernard Tue 15-Jun-10 11:04:32

I'm zoning out to it now

galadriel77 Tue 15-Jun-10 12:31:39

It drives me crazy.

I understand that this might be something that they do in Africa but this is the WORLD cup - not the AFRICA cup.

SA's job is to host a fantastic World Cup for the players, the crowd in the stadiums and all the millions and millions of fans watching around the world. Their job is not to ruin it for everyone else.

I haven't spoken to a single person who likes the sound. They all find it irritating, it gives them headaches and removes any sort of atmosphere from the game. I'm not expecting silence! Just the ability to hear the crowd responding to the game!

How great for the spectators who are lucky enough to be in the stadium watching the game. We are not as lucky and can't afford to travel to SA - I want to be able to watch and enjoy a game with my friends here without getting a headache!

BeenBeta Tue 15-Jun-10 17:11:55

DW just said that she heard on TV that theyare thinking of banning them at the matches. I think the global TV audience is finding it very off putting an dFIFA has to be careful of that as it is where the main revenue is coming form - not fans in the ground.

Unique culture is part of the World Cup experience but I suspect that 60,000 Vuvuzulas all being blown together is an extremey rare phenomenon even in Africa and only occasisonally heard on TV.

I certainly think they need to reduce the sound volume on TV broadcasts from the pitch side microphones.

stressheaderic Tue 15-Jun-10 17:44:24

Vuvuzela sounds like a euphemism for your lady bits.

ac27 Tue 15-Jun-10 20:12:26

RunawayWife Wed 16-Jun-10 14:39:13

DS2 is really really desperate to have one of these.

I have told all our friends that have gone to the world cup If anyone brings these back for my children they will have to have my children go and live with them grin

vintage Wed 16-Jun-10 18:58:22

oh God i hope people here dont get them they are awful. Do they ever breathe in?

RunawayWife Wed 16-Jun-10 20:35:12

My mums new carer is from SA and she said she had one as a child and they make your jaws hurt playing them!

Mishee Wed 16-Jun-10 22:05:42

Reminds me of when I had tinnitus from taking the maximum dosage of asprin (not many people know that's a side-effect!).

Cathider Thu 17-Jun-10 08:44:13

I saw them on sale at the tills in Sainsburys yesterday.

qwertpoiuy Thu 17-Jun-10 13:17:05

I work with 3 South African guys and we've been slagging them about the vuvuzelas! They find them annoying too.

We find it funny to see them on TV, but I can appreciate it's nothing like having to sit near and listen to them being played!

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