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That bloody humming!

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notnowbernard Fri 11-Jun-10 19:41:44

It's like a swarm of bees and is doing my head in

Was looking forward to lots of African rythym and beats

Smilehighclub Sun 13-Jun-10 20:20:11

thanks for that DP hmm

gillythekid Sun 13-Jun-10 20:39:15

Bloody migraine inducing and spoiling my footy!

Shaz10 Sun 13-Jun-10 21:14:47

Is it related to the word "shower" because of the shower of spit it creates?

RustyBear Sun 13-Jun-10 21:18:33

Is it my imagination, or have ITV managed to tune it out a bit for the Germany game?
Or am I just getting used to it?

BeenBeta Sun 13-Jun-10 21:23:32

Yes I think you are right.

Just this minute mentioned to DW I thought it suddenly seemed a lot quieter.

southeastastra Sun 13-Jun-10 21:25:33

normayjay on twitter says

says stuff those w••kers who want to ban the Vuvuzela - it's the TRUE sound of Africa! - what an earth did they expect? Classical music?


Shaz10 Sun 13-Jun-10 21:27:01

And the horn itself says =======<() ......::::::::::nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Meid Sun 13-Jun-10 21:27:05

My DH was at the opening ceremony and game and said they were giving out ear plugs. grin

littleducks Sun 13-Jun-10 21:42:59

The Vuvuzela is an instrument, but not always a musical one

agree with that

orienteerer Sun 13-Jun-10 21:45:33

Try living under the Heathrow flight path (landing) at 04.30 and 23.00 and you'll find the Vuvuzela is but a minor irritant grin.

lionheart Sun 13-Jun-10 21:54:28

Blardy neighbour has one, and lots and lots of flags.

Melfish Sun 13-Jun-10 22:15:08

It's a horrible drone and is even worse than listening to some of the commentators (tho not Alan Green). I'm surprised that BBC/ITV don't just turn the sound from the stadium down or out and just have the commentary. It's not like you can hear any chanting from the terraces anyway at the moment. That way, all those vuvuzela lovers in the ground can enjoy honking them continuously and the rest of us can watch the game as normal.

I heard someone blowing one of the damn things last night at 1am and if I had spotted where he was I would have gone outside and rammed it up his nose. Lionheart- you have my sympathies!

mjinhiding Sun 13-Jun-10 23:07:02

Message withdrawn

Cathider Sun 13-Jun-10 23:35:10

what if they catch on in Britain???! Or get adopted by G7 summit protesters... the possibilities are endless!

SouthernB Mon 14-Jun-10 05:33:52

No fun when the neighbour starts blowing the vuvuzela at 5am on a Monday morning....

Smithagain Mon 14-Jun-10 09:47:56

DD1's school has invited all of KS2 to stay behind and watch England v Slovenia next week. They've banned the bringing of actual footballs and the wearing of Premier strip. But have encouraged them to bring "other World Cup accessories".

Anyone think they are going to regret that?!?!

shhhh Mon 14-Jun-10 10:47:33

I think they are fab and are a great "local" thing for the matches iykwim.

Much better than chanting, must admit dh watched the 1st match (along with other matches..hmm) and I did comment on what the "bee" noise was...grin.

BUT I think it fab. In fact I have ordered dh one for the rest of the world cup blushgrin.
Although god help me if the kids get hold of it..hmm

mayorquimby Mon 14-Jun-10 13:46:55

Absolutely awful things. Fail to see how anyone can claim they add to the atmosphere, they just make every match and every incident an identikit of each other.
Foul - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Ataacking play - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Red card - brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Goal - louder brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Absolutely no difference from match to match and absolutely no atmosphere.
Watching the Holland v Denmark game at the moment, a match with a bit of rivalry by virtue of proximity etc featuring a dutch team who's fans are well known for creating an atmosphere, it sounds exactly the same as every other match so far.
Last night in the Germany game the German fans started to get a few chants and a bit of atmosphere going and the vevusela (sp) blowers saw this as some sort of challenge so started to blow their horns louder and drown them out.

BalloonSlayer Mon 14-Jun-10 13:49:34

I wish this thread would go off "Discussions of the Day"

Seeing it out of the corner of my eye, I keep thinking it's about some new disease of the Vulva and worrying if it's catching.

<< frets and applies talcum powder >>

schilke Mon 14-Jun-10 19:27:51

I don't even notice it. Doesn't bother me at all.
Seems a bit arrogant to ask for african drumming instead. I get much more annoyed by dodgy trumpet playing in the English band playing the darn great escape over and over again.

Dh wants me to get him one for his trumpet demos for next term. I think I'll have to hide it from the dc though.

bluecardi Mon 14-Jun-10 19:31:58

It's annoying but part of sa football culture.

The tv companies could broadcast the picture with commentary coupled with general crowd noise matched to the footie action & if england is playing then england chants at appropriate moments. Sorted!

Hulababy Mon 14-Jun-10 19:38:24

Not sure about banning them - seems OTT.

But surely the TV can some how make the noise of them on television dulled?

Snobear4000 Mon 14-Jun-10 20:26:39

It's shite.

DS1 (6) returned from a visit to GP's tonight with one.shock It has been put to good use scaring the pigeons off my veg.grin

Irons Mon 14-Jun-10 21:01:52

Embrace the culture and stop complaining. If you want chanting and singing, host your own world cup.

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