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That bloody humming!

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notnowbernard Fri 11-Jun-10 19:41:44

It's like a swarm of bees and is doing my head in

Was looking forward to lots of African rythym and beats

Lilyloo Fri 11-Jun-10 19:43:54

It lasted the full 90 mins of the earlier game , surely they run out of breath !!

jammietart Fri 11-Jun-10 19:45:35

Its awful!

paisleyleaf Fri 11-Jun-10 20:29:10

Have been thinking exactly the same

notnowbernard Fri 11-Jun-10 20:31:18

Waiting for the chanting to begin tomorrow night

That'll drown the droning out grin

Dazmum Fri 11-Jun-10 20:34:06

Do you think they will do it at every game? Hope they get bored with it, it's even driving my dh mad!We've got the sound turned right down!

notnowbernard Fri 11-Jun-10 20:36:05

I think the S American teams will be more lively

The English are great at singing and chanting

Dumbledoresgirl Fri 11-Jun-10 20:47:16

It's bad enough having to sit in the same room as the football, but if I have to listen to that humming for how many weeks? I am going to go nuts.

Does anyone else remember the irritating trumpet trilling thing that they did last world cup every time anything exciting happened?

purepurple Fri 11-Jun-10 20:48:32

Busy bees indeed!
It is doing my head in too
Bring on the drummimg tomorrow!

Shaz10 Fri 11-Jun-10 20:50:06

It's really annoying. I like songs, music, cheering, booing, shouting, chanting (even especially the rude ones.) I was in the kitchen and could hear the humming from the lounge, even though I couldn't hear the commentary or anything else.

bran Fri 11-Jun-10 20:50:22

I agree so fully with nnb that I started my own thread about it. grin

There's no particular reason why they need to pick up pitch noise is there?

paisleyleaf Fri 11-Jun-10 20:51:38

I'm expecting more of the same for tomorrow's game - they've been selling those horn things at Lidl this week and I expect they're going like hot cakes around the stadium.

LilRedWG Fri 11-Jun-10 20:52:02

Yep _ I stopped watching at half-time as it was giving me a headache. Am now in bed with MN.

It's stupid plastic horns that both lots of fans are blowing. Does NOT bode well for other games.

notnowbernard Fri 11-Jun-10 20:52:34

The monotonous drone isn't quite "Does she like it up the arse?", is it?!

Oh how I love imaginative football chants wink

We need Brazil on with their carnival beauties and rythmic drumming

Oblomov Fri 11-Jun-10 21:27:44

like wasps dh said. awful. abu-hala horns, dh says they are called. or something like that. bloody irritating.

Docbunches Sat 12-Jun-10 10:15:37

I agree, I've also resorted to practically muting the volume as it's driving me nuts! I couldn't watch/listen to the South Africa match cos it was SO annoying.

Let's hope the England fans do their usual but inexplicable 'Great Escape' chanting tonight.

MmeRedWhiteandBlueberry Sat 12-Jun-10 11:48:20

I don't think the France match had much atmosphere as, I believe, the crowd microphones were turned down low to minimise the sound of the horns. Unfortunately, you couldn't hear a lot of cheering either.

Itsjustafleshwound Sat 12-Jun-10 12:27:04

They are called Vuvuzelas. They are noisy and hard to play and together make the same volume of noise of a jumbo jet (the rugby had a jumbo jet fly past the stadium, the Bafana Bafana supporters have gone one better!!)

It is only a month or so ....

OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 12-Jun-10 20:48:40


picc Sun 13-Jun-10 10:37:25

Anyone read Charlie Brooker's commentary on the England match/ vuvuzelas yesterday? Made me giggle anyway.....

PansAndNoodles Sun 13-Jun-10 10:38:08

Aaaaah..I think I understand now.

Is this a funny buzzing noise that the crowd make? Was it going on in the yesterdays match with USA?

I have no interest in footy at all but we are lucky and have two tvs.

Dh was watching it in the other room yesterday whilst I was watching Sense and Sensibilty next door. But I thought some insect was in the room and I kept looking for it. It was really annoying me in the end. I just couldn't for the life of me work out where the noise was coming from and kept pausing the telly to look for it and checking the flipping window wasn't open!grinblush

thatbuzzingnoise Sun 13-Jun-10 10:41:22

hey! are you talking about me???


pigletmania Sun 13-Jun-10 11:16:32

I was on the train a month ago, and a group of football supporters got on an Wembley and continued to blow them on a packed confined train angry I had a pounding headache by the end of it.

Meid Sun 13-Jun-10 11:17:38

I'm in Johannesburg and, believe me, they are not just blowing the vuvuzela's at the games/during the games.

They are blowing them in the shops, in the streets, driving down the highway... At any point in time I'm hearing odd random vuvuzelas in the distance.

There was even a countrywide 'vuvuzela moment' at midday on Wednesday. I swear the whole country was blowing them. grin

Annoying or not, its part of South African football, and definitely here to stay for the whole tournament!

thatbuzzingnoise Sun 13-Jun-10 11:38:58

nice to feel appreciated, Meid.

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