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A song for England

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GreatOrmondSt Thu 10-Jun-10 14:24:23

Are you having a barbeque too Catherine? (I say barbeque but at this rate it'll have to be an indoor feast with the delightful weather we're having!) You can't beat John Barnes or a bit of Three Lions to rouse the spirits but everyone does seem to be going crazy for Dizzee and James Corden!


CatherineHMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 10-Jun-10 13:35:52

Any other ideas for a World Cup playlist? I can't get the John Barnes rap out of my head today.

GreatOrmondSt Tue 08-Jun-10 13:09:21

That's a good track Soccermumpeckham, I think I'll add it to my playlist for the World Cup barbeque we're having on Saturday. It's been a good year for songs this time around, one I'll be blasting at the barbeque will be James Corden and Dizzee Rascal's Shout For England. Did you see their performance on BGT at the weekend? Brilliant!


Soccermumpeckham Mon 07-Jun-10 15:40:55

Soccermumpeckham Sun 06-Jun-10 11:50:48

After extensive searching for a decent England song that doesn't seem to exclude women I have discovered this, made by a band from Peckham. It actually has some ladies in it, singing for England!

Hope you like it too!

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