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live footy through the puter? which site?

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PenelopePitstops Thu 10-Jun-10 22:19:28

heifer and shiny - illegal!

itv are live streaming im pretty sure, read somewhere about them stepping up that entire area of the site purely for the world cup. Assuming the BBC will do the same, find ou tomorrow!!

Heifer Sat 05-Jun-10 19:22:47

If legal I have used

If not legal, then I have never heard of them grin

ShinyAndNew Sun 30-May-10 14:53:12

DH uses SopCast and MyP2P, however I am not entirely sure on the legality of these sites. I don't use them, but it would seem you can stream any live sporting event from them.

flabbyribs Sun 30-May-10 14:49:13


Tortington Thu 27-May-10 23:23:30

cheers grin


notnowbernard Thu 27-May-10 21:01:05

Invest for the occasion

Or go to the pub grin

Tortington Thu 27-May-10 20:56:27


Tortington Thu 27-May-10 19:35:36

we dont have a telly, progs we watch dh downloads or we watch such as bbciplayer or 4 od.

i occasionally use - but that is one hour after progs are shown on the telly.

I am hoping as per the election, that bbc will stream it live online

does anyone know please ?

i dont watch footy normally, but i do like to get worked up with the nation during world cup time.

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