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Consultant - Generalist?

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LittleMissEngineer Sat 11-May-19 09:09:48

Anyone had similar experience?

I was recruited as a Systems Engineering Consultant - after a huge career break - 18+ months ago. However the company have had very little client work for me to do since and even smaller that was “substantial” (so lots of little bits and pieces).

So the past 18+ months have been mainly “picking up small bits and pieces of client work” (business case, process, assurance, helping put training together - nothing really “core” to Systems Engineering), doing quite a lot of bid work (managing bids and writing proposals) and some internal projects (not Engineering).

The people I work with seem very happy with me: I build good working relationships, my communication skills are very good, I pick up new things quickly and I get things done and to a good standard. Yesterday, one of the Managers from a different team said that he really liked my approach and regretted that his team hadn’t recruited me themselves.

I really like where I work: in particular the people, the variety and the convenience/flexibility (fits around family). However I feel rather “a drift” from Systems Engineering (what I was recruited to do and I can’t progress in my current career stream without gaining experience (understandable and reflected in my last annual review). However, the reason that I haven’t done any is that we haven’t had the client work to do (I am not alone on this - most of my colleagues are scrabbling for work too).

I am beginning to wonder if I am a Systems Engineer, but not sure what I am. If I was made redundant tomorrow, not sure how I would market myself or what I would go for (although am sure that I could network myself into a job).

Any thoughts? I am not unhappy, just a bit confused/adrift....

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