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Trades ?

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Studentnursesos12e Tue 07-May-19 12:02:26


Ignore my username it tells a sad tale that might be no longer.

Basically, I’m interested in training as an electrician (or plumber). Nursing sadly may be no longer and I’m not pushing and pushing it if not meant to be.

I’ve always been interested in those trades (and also the fire service but that’s v difficult to get into).

I’m 20. Live in scotland but from Yorkshire. GCSEs of 8As 1B. A Levels A*AB. And female.

I’ve looked on the Scottish apprenticeship website and seen some modern apprenticeships which look good. However I’m worried I’m too old to be considered for the apprenticeship. The wages are £14,000 per year for the first year, after that will be at least minimum wage (I’ll be 21 at that point). It’s 4 years in total.

There are a lot of jobs in an industrial area on the west coast of Scotland. With my current savings I could actually afford to buy in the area.

The jobs aren’t all apprentice electrician/plumber there’s also some apprentice marine engineer and other engineering roles.

Has anyone any experience/thoughts/ideas on the trades and specifically as a female and slightly older than traditional apprenticeship age.


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Coulddowithanap Thu 09-May-19 17:20:23

You are absolutely not to old to do an apprenticeship. I had considered one when I was 26 but at that time the cut off for the apprenticeship I wanted to do was 25. Also don't give up on the fire service just because it's hard to get in.

I do building work and I'm also an on call firefighter. I really enjoy both jobs as they are both different everyday but both are physically demanding. I do get sick of people always being surprised at the jobs I do as I'm female, don't really come across many females in either job.

On call/retained is a bit easier to get into as you have to be within a certain distance of the fire station so that's definitely worth looking into. (Easier in the sense of less competition for the job as the physical things you have to do are no different to a wholetime firefighter).

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