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Getting older in the workplace

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Sarcelle Wed 28-Nov-18 06:45:07

If you have worked in the same place for a while, and who are perhaps in your 50s, how do you think you are perceived in the workplace? Do you feel respected for your experience or are you made to feel like a dinosaur?

I have worked somewhere for 10+ years. I am in a mid range office job. Not a high flier, I have always preferred a job I can leave at the door rather than an all consuming role. I am very proactive, forward looking, like innovation and like learning new skills. I am not a dinosaur clinging on to "we have always done it this way" and stuck in a rut. In my personal life I have an activity filled life, travel a lot, have great experiences. I am married, no kids, mortgage paid so lots of time and money to indulge myself.

Despite that I feel a bit like I don't fit in the organisation now. I feel like an oddity. The level I am at is mostly carried out by people in their 30s, a lot of people my age are much higher up the ladder. Although this is my choice I feel almost as if I have been written off. I am there, like an office chair or the stationery cupboard. It is making me feel old (but only at work, in the real world I don't have that self perception). I hate the feeling. (I am going through the menopause, an ending if you like, so that may be making me Uber sensitive.)

What has annoyed me is we are having 1-2-1 with new boss. One other colleague, same age as me and a few in their 30s have had their interviews. All of the people in the 30s were asked where they saw themselves in 5 years, my older colleague wasn't asked. I have not had my interview yet.

Do you feel respected (for wisdom/experience) or disregarded in the workplace - and do you think either is because of your age?

Not sure if this is the right place for this. And apologies for the length.

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blueskiesandforests Wed 28-Nov-18 06:53:40

When you have your interview be sure to work in that you still have 15 (or however many) years til retirement age, and see yourself still being in role when younger colleagues have moved to new departments or companies for career progression, putting you in a unique position to push long term projects forward/ see xyz through or whatever is relevant to your company.

I joined my employer and am retraining while working in my mid 40s - expected to slot into a mid level secure role at age 45 - so not the same, but am often told that our employer loves people like me who are the most likely to stay in role for the next 20 years, which isn't realistic to expect of a 20 something who tend to change role every 3-5 years.

Sunflower678 Fri 15-Feb-19 04:50:01

Hi I'm in my 30s and I think that is unfair that your colleague wasn't asked that, and a subtle form of - not quite discrimination - but uncomfortable. I'd like to think we will break age discrimination a lot more over the coming years and I think that change is coming. The only thing I would say is your attitude is a real strength and I would hold onto that and not get bogged down by it. Ditto proactively tell them what you will be doing in 5,10 years time!

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